5 Undeniable Signs Angels Are Near You!

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Discover The Top 5 Angel Signs You Can’t Miss! These are signs that appear when angels are directly reaching out to you…

Be sure to watch until the end of the video, because after sharing the 5 Signs of Angels Presence, I then share how to more deeply tune into angelic guidance and healing energy after the sign appears!

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Hey earth angels, Melanie Beckler here. And in this video, we are going to look at five undeniable signs that your angels are near. So angelic beings are always guiding, supporting, loving, encouraging us from beyond the physical, from in the realms of spirit. And they’re able to help us out tremendously in our lives without necessarily being right here, right present with you. And so the signs I’m going to share with you in this video are signs that angelic energy is directly focused your way that an angel is actually reaching out to you and seeking to make some sort of connection. This isn’t to invalidate seeing things like angel numbers or finding feathers that act as signs from your angels to reach out to them to ask for their help and to bring validation of the presence of angels in your life. But the signs we’re going to dive into in this video, the undeniable signs are the things that signify the presence of an angelic being.

So these are the things that when they pop up, validate the presence of your guardian angels. And in some cases of the archangels influence and energy guiding. And supporting you in your life experience. These things often come in hand in hand with receiving a flash of inspiration, a message of guidance or an aha of understanding and recognition about will, what will now serve, and support you in doing next to manifest positive change in your life. And so diving right into these five key things with number one, which is a physical sensation of warmth and a flush or rush of light energy. Now, when a nonphysical spiritual being begins to move their energy down into the physical, which it’s important to understand that they remain present in the spiritual. And what we experience in the physical realm is more of a reflection of their energy.

But nonetheless, when they embody into physical experienced, when they are evoked into physical form, they move through layers of the etheric life force energy in order to manifest. And the first layer of energy that they move through is the warmth ether. And so this is why when an incredibly light and high and advanced spiritual being like an angel is reaching out to you in the physical, their presence can be felt as warmth as this physical sensation of tingling, light, warmth, energy, warmth, ether throughout your physical being. You may experience this like the temperature of the room around you is being turned up or you may simply out of nowhere in your meditation, when you’re sitting there journaling feel this warmth, the rise. That is a clear sign of the presence of an angel. Now the second layer of the etheric energy that spiritual beings move through is light.

And so the second undeniable sign of an angelic being reaching out to you of an angelic being, being mere you happens, occurs through light. So this could take the form of physical lights, like the light fixture in your room flickering or a light going out or turning on with no physical reason why that should have happened. And then, on the other hand, angels can manifest as just a quality of light in the air. So you could be meditating, focusing within, and your inner vision is filled with light, is filled with sparkling glowing energy. You could actually perceive an angelic light being appearing before you in your mind’s eye, or literally, though this is rarer in physical manifestation, as sparkles of light, as flickers of light energy, as streaks of light streaming in. These are all undeniable signs of an angelic beings presence or of their focus upon you in the physical.

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  1. ZijaiGo

    Thank you for this video ❤️👑

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      You’re welcome! Hope it was helpful for you~! ☀️💜✨

  2. greennature

    <3 (: good video. good vibes. you are so beautiful and lovely i like you very mutch. Love from Jacob

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Thank you! ☀️💜✨ Much love, gratitude and bright blessings your way ☀️💜✨

  3. Erika K

    Your spiritual guides, Angelic beings, are always, ALWAYS, guiding us and protecting us ♡ we are constantly receiving guidance and love. We are BLESSED!!!

    1. Erika K

      @flower of life z sending lots of love!!!

    2. Erika K

      @Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler love your channel Melanie ♡♡♡

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      @Erika K yay!!! Me too!!! Namaste.

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  4. Chasity Bias

    Love your hair this way, so pretty! Thank you 😊

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Ah thank you ☀️💜✨… And you’re most welcome for the video! ☀️💜✨

  5. Mo Hawk

    You just popped up in my news feed for no apparent reason. I don’t know you….. A moment ago I looked up the word apiphany. A realisation, a Christ like moment.. A new idea…a feeling…. Then you showed up…. Explaining how to recognise if an angel is near by…. You just explained everything I needed to start off knowing about them…. Bless you dear one… I thank you…..

    1. flower of life z

      Resonate … That happened to me when I found her too…

  6. Mr Nobody


    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler


  7. Mike DePung

    ❤️ Melanie, thank you for sharing your Heart and living your purpose. Even though I am much older, I have learned from you. In fact, I searched “angels” on YouTube because of a meditation experience I had in which I sensed Gabriel was with me. During the meditation, I experienced a total body tingling of warmth spread throughout me from the top of my head to the very bottom of my feet. I have come to trust this sensation in my ceremonies and other times when angels or an angel simply has something to alert me to or communicate to me. I am so happy you confirm this. Blessings in your work.

  8. Ann Siegel

    I experienced this pass weekend 3 xs.. Thursday night around 9pm… I was too scared … tingles vibrating in flutters throughout my whole body.. I didn’t know what was happening … too scared…and kept pushing the sensation away… but it persisted 3 maybe 4 times … was an incredible feeling but was too too scared to welcome the feeling and yet it continued over and over again in waves…… Melanie can you contact me ..Thanks… I have questions to ask..thank you so much !

    1. Ann Siegel

      and heard loud sporadic clicking throughout the night as i was too scared to sleep…tingle sensations fluttering throughout my body…

    2. Ann Siegel

      will i get the opportunity to receive this again? Thanks …. please contact me… lots of questions to ask…

  9. Robert S

    When I was about 11 years old around 4am in the morning outside in the backyard I saw an angel that was a silhouette of a regular person but it was just pure bright white light and it kept peeking around a tree looking at me. I lived next-door to my grandmother and I was going to her house to go to church with her. We had 1 acre lots I ran halfway back there to see who was there and it just disappeared.
    Unconditional love and peace to everything Namaste 🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️🌎♾

  10. perry fogel

    Hi Melanie 🌷
    Thank you for your transmission. Iv been feeling a sort of stroking/ buzzing sensation in my ears accompanied by a high frequency pitch. Do u have any insight as to what that might be?

  11. Gira Fang

    I sometimes smell mint chocolate chip cookies when they’re near.

    1. It's ALL Love


    2. AGentleEarthPreservation

      Haha this is cute!

    3. Lite FLWR

      I love mint chocolate chip ice cream 😌😋🍦

  12. Katina Maiz

    Hey what about orbs? I saw took a picture outside yesterday and when I looked at the picture there is a green orb?

    1. Anna Gunn

      Katina Maiz I see green orbs in my pictures and just realized those pictures were taken near an old fort beside my home and along the water where the War of 1812 was fought. I do not see these green orbs in any other pictures?

  13. The Spirit of the Cosmos

    Angels rock! I have had kidney stone issues over the last three weeks and the asking for Angelic healing has kept me out of the ER! It was such a loving and warm feeling of healing. I love the Angels so much and I love everyone here. Much Love and Light. BELIEVE! Thank you Melanie!!! 😇 🙏 ☯️ ☮️

  14. amenia Marsh

    I saw and angel when i was 13yrs old in my dresser mirror about 3 or 4 in the am. I was awakened by gospel music playing on my radio. I jumped up sat up and tried to find where the music was coming from
    Because i normally don’t’t leave my radio on. So has i notice its was the radio i became at easy. But sonething in my head said look this way. There it was glowing in the mirror it was s glow in robe shape like a male body but nothing was in it but it looked like someone was wearing it. So i looked in disbelief cause i didnt know what it was i was scared. So i rubbed my eyes to see was i just seein things. Once i looked up again it was still there. So i jumped out the bed and ran downstairs. Mu mother was still awake and she said girl what u doing i said uh nothing i didn’t no what to say
    I thought i sound crazy. So the next day i stayed Awake to see was there and explaination to what i saw. I just wanted to see if by any chance could a reflection from Windows do this. But there was no way it could because my mirrors were to far from the windows for anything to reflect in my mirrors.

    1. Anna Gunn

      amenia Marsh I’m in shock. I just wrote about seeing an angel at 13! I know the fear you are describing. I still wonder what this angel had to tell me or why she was there?

    2. amenia Marsh

      @Anna Gunn she was there to tell u u are special and protected do things that are postive u will go tremendously

  15. kush klouds

    The Angels have saved me many times! Thank you for your messages I learn a lot from you !

  16. Laura Eby

    Thank you! I believe and I feel I need my angels more than anything at this moment. I’m not doing so well and my kids need me. Please pray for me and my children Ms. Malone

  17. Alcazar of Alchemy

    Oh wow! *My crown has been tingling with a light shining recently* I was pulled to your video. Thank you ✨❤❤

    1. ConsciousExpansion DivineRIGHT TwoSHINE

      Me too

  18. Nancy Post

    when my angels are near they have a specific scent they smell like fresh cut oranges not a common scent like flowers

  19. Nitro Kitten

    I have had the sensation of my hair being lightly stroked often since I was a child. In more recent years I started smelling things that weren’t there… sweet smells like freshly baked cake or cookies… and in the last few months or so I started seeing little sparks of a sort of blueish purpley light… sometimes I also feel a gentle pressure on the top of my head too. It’s a little frightening but I just try to keep myself centered in a loving, grateful place. 🙂

  20. Turquoise Blue

    On Thanksgiving day 2019 I was depressed and all alone so that night laying in bed I started talking to the angels telling them that I know that I’m not alone that I know that they are always with me but I never see them. Well that very next day I was sitting on my couch listening to angelic music and was on my iPad when a beautiful small white and opal sphere that was swirling around flew through my screen door, I see it my peripheral vision I thought I was seeing something that really wasn’t there then I heard three clicks I lifted my head and five feet in front of me was this brightest light I have ever seen I had to raise my hand up to block the brightness it was blinding then it changed form back into that beautiful sphere again took off through the screen door and flew up in the sky. Wow it was amazing and beautiful, and so heart felt I started to cry. I have always had a fascination with angels and will never doubt that they truly exist and when you ask you receive. I believe I am truly blessed to have had this amazing experience. Sending everyone much love and light 🙏😇🙌🏼🤩💝💞

  21. WRR Giosé

    Beautiful 😍 message. What an eye opener. I got this feeling this morning and because I use insulin I asked my daughter to buy me an ice-cream. I didn’t understand the ice-cream got to me an hour later and I felt fine. I thought my brain is fried and playing mind games on me.
    Thanks again for that info. You’re beautiful too❤️

  22. Sarah

    That’s brilliant amazing thank you so much xx❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹

  23. Sarah

    Thank you so amazing xx❤️💓🤗🌹

  24. Sarah

    Thank you so amazing thank you talk to me help thank you so much xx❤️💓🤗🌹

  25. Teresa

    Thank you for letting me know what is going on with me

  26. Carolyn Eagles

    Thank you 😊❤️


    You are glowing! Amazing! Thank you for sharing this wonderful wisdom!

  28. Beatrice Williams

    Thank you so much, yes this message was one Directed to me. I have felt these feelings. It makes me so happy


    Glad to here from you I really like the information you gave me . Now I know they were here. Some of the things you said happened to me. Thank you thank you thank you.

  30. Lori

    You are so lovely, your dialogue so soothing…I feel very connected to you
    Thank you

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