Using Candles to Work with the Angels

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Candles to work with the Archangels of the Rays

If you wish to communicate with any of the Archangels of the Rays, it is best to use a candle that relates to the color of your intention.  Before you light your candle, it is best to do a dedication to your chosen archangel by inviting them into your space.  You can choose your own personal words or use something like this, “I invite you, Archangel Michael, to enter my sacred space.  I dedicate this white candle to you.  I welcome you into my space and my heart. Please grant me wisdom and divine intervention.”  When you are finished, always give thanks and gratitude to the angel.

Purpose of Specific Candle Colors

The following candle colors can help when working with the Archangels of the Rays or with any of the angels.  If you do not have a certain color, white can be used universally.  Focus your intentions on your specific goals and choose the color candle that works best.

White– Spirituality, peace, harmony, tranquility, meditation, inner peace, truth, and purity.

Red– Energy, vitality, strength, bravery, courage, willpower; can stimulate sexual passion, lust, and virility.

Pink– Love, both romantic and platonic; encourages affection, friendship, romance, success, kindness, warmth, and generosity.

Purple– Psychic and spiritual abilities, and spiritual growth; power, ambition, material wealth, increase in status or rank, wisdom, and healing.

Black– Protection, safety, power, banishment, helps absorb negative energy.

Silver– Clairvoyance, inspiration, intuition, dreams, higher wisdom, intellect, purity, compassion, and inner stability.

Gold– Positive influences and happiness; confidence, understanding, memory, concentration, creativity, knowledge, and imagination.

Green– Balance, grounding, spiritual healing, abundance, good fortune, money, material gain, and prosperity.

Orange– Courage, study, intellect, knowledge, creativity, and understanding; good for career, business/monetary matters, and for helping to bring legal matters to a resolution.

Blue– Higher knowledge and wisdom, inner peace, inspiration, intuition, dreams, truth, subconscious, understanding, clarification.

Meditation with Candles

Here is a simple mediation for working with the Angels with Candles you can try.  First, choose your candle to represent the archangel or angel you wish to call upon, or for your desired goal.  Next, go to a quiet place.  This can be any space you have set aside or designated to be sacred.  It could also be an angelic altar you may have set up.  You can enhance your space with crystals that are all the same color.  Clear quartz is a universal crystal that can be used in place of any color.  It also adds to the vibration of existing crystals. 

After you have set up your candle, space, crystals, and color coordination, light your candle and pale it in a safe holder.  Take off your shoes, sit comfortably, and watch the candle flame.  Now begin breathing in and out deeply, while visualizing roots growing downward through the Earth from the soles of your feet. 

Next, start to invoke the archangel or angel you are seeking to work with.  Call upon this angel using their name.  Contemplate on why you have chosen this particular angel to call upon.  Take your time in doing this and feel a sense of relaxation and peace.  When you feel you are finished, thank your angels. Ground yourself and give thanks.  Take some time to sit quietly before getting up.

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