Astrology Tips for a Perfect Date

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When it comes to love, we all need some guidance. That’s why today we have made the ultimate list of astrology tips for a perfect date. Sign by sign, we will reveal the best tricks, strategies, and ideas to have an unforgettable date with that special someone. Win their heart in the blink of an eye by following these simple tips:

Astrology Tips for a perfect date with Aries:

Skydiving, visiting haunted houses, camping … What turns on an Aries is the possibility of living new experiences. Start the relationship by showing that you are down for any adventure life has to offer. Netflix and chill? No, thank you!

Astrology Tips for a perfect date with Taurus:

A romantic candlelight dinner is the ideal setting to spark a Taurus’ interest. Cook it yourself, and you will undoubtedly win their hearts. Their palates are exquisite though, so Mac and cheese will work only if served with truffles and paired with a good glass of wine.

Astrology Tips for a perfect date with Gemini:

Gemini likes to talk, non-stop, and they can do it for hours… especially if you can’t get their attention. The best astrology tips for dating a Geminis is to discuss new theories, books, innovative ideas, and the origin of the universe. That’s how you can get them to like you… forever!

Astrology Tips for a perfect date with Cancer:

A walk in the park, flowers, holding hands while watching the sunset together. A Cancer wants to get to know you deeply, the fatal attraction kind of deal doesn’t work on them. The path to their hearts is paved with understanding, intuition, and honesty.

Astrology Tips for a perfect date with Leo:

You don’t have to attract a Leo; you have to worship them. We know it may sound extreme, but this feline wants to be the king of your universe and won’t settle for less. The most useful astrology tips to make a Leo fall for you are looking your best, giving them attention, and tempting their hunter’s instincts.

Astrology Tips for a perfect date with Virgo:

Start as friends. Plan activities together, enjoy the opportunity to discover what things you have in common. Don’t rush things. Practicality, patience, and confidence are the best astrology tips to keep in mind for a Virgo to open up emotionally with you. 

Astrology Tips for a perfect date with Libra:

Details! Life is full of them and yet nobody admires beauty better than a Libra. Go to a piano concert together, visit an art gallery, or go shopping. Libras are not about the money, but about illusion, magic, and passion.

Astrology Tips for a perfect date with Scorpio:

If a Scorpio agreed to go on a date with you, chances are they already like you. Let yourself go with the flow and accept any invitation they make you. No matter how crazy or strange it sounds, embrace Scorpio’s mysteries, and you’ll find the best partner in crime.

Astrology Tips for a perfect date with Sagittarius:

Sagittarius are free souls, wonderers, philosophers. The best way to scare them is through commitment. Staying in a cabin in the woods, climbing a mountain, going to a spiritual retreat together… Innovating is the best way to keep their mind distracted and allow them to discover that they cannot live without you.

Astrology Tips for a perfect date with Capricorn:

Get straight to the chase. Discretion is not the best way to catch a Capricorn’s attention. Playing hard to get can cost you years without them realizing your true intentions. Invite them to have a coffee, better yet, a cocktail. Show your cards right away.

Astrology Tips for a perfect date with Aquarius:

Aquarius are typically outgoing and extroverts, so they will enjoy going on a double date, crashing a party, or dancing in a club. For dating an Aquarius, the best astrology tips we can give you is to be original and save the heart felt conversations for later. 

Astrology Tips for a perfect date with Pisces:

To connect with a Pisces, you need to open yourself up emotionally. Show your most vulnerable, sincere, romantic aspects. Allow yourself to enjoy their attention. A Pisces wants to hear you, get to know your repressed desires, love you just the way you are.  

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