Gratitude – The Key to Being Fully Here and Now

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Gratitude is the foundation of your spiritual life. Sincere gratitude centers you in your heart, which is the key to being fully here and now, and to experience a natural and genuine state of communion with life. Gratitude is a gift you give yourself and everyone receives by it.

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  1. Jojo

    Thank you for reminding me of what is here & now .

  2. Chris

    I need to learn this… How do i stop be so negative about myself

  3. Jenney Berge

    Thank you for your efforts. Most of what you have said is repeated of 20 years ago. I do appreciate you very much. Thank you.

  4. Jen

    Think of why you feel that way! Then think small positive thoughts forget about what people think of you make your own spiritual family and meditate get rid of people who bring you down and watch how positive people will be attractive to you! Just like negative energy you can also bring positive energy but I did years ago was pros and cons people in my life and it was the best thing I could’ve done for myself it doesn’t happen overnight you need to work on it

  5. Jen

    I hope my words helped you

  6. Gloria Hunter

    I would really like a copy of these beautiful words. How can that happen? I work in a care facility and would love to share this with my residents!

  7. Gloria Hunter

    About gratitude!!!

  8. Luis

    There is always a positive thing out the bad.

  9. Sarah Claypool

    You got to tap your body and think of all the negative things that your thinking in your mind and get rid of them that your not worthy or good enough or you cant completion any thing and close your eye when your in a quiet room by your self and start tapping all over your body with your eyes closed and and think off all the negative things you have in your mind and places them with all the positive things about you you are worthy and beautiful and smart you deserve to have lots of abundance more then enough money lots of it you are going to go far in success and life and you do amount to everything and keep telling your self every day all the good things about your self and love your self and be positive it will take you a long way in life and things will start to happen for you all love and lite sarah

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