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Hello everyone! Today’s reading were looking into the details on the exciting/breaking news heading towards you!

For questions about the Salts🧂 -The salts shown on the piles are personal recipes that took about a year to formulate and were made with premium herbs and high grade crystals under specific energies, so I won’t be doing a video on how to make these (besides the black salt, linked below) but I do have some exciting plans for these and we’ll talk soon…

How I make my black salt (be sure to use a higher grade salt if you can afford it):

As always I love you guys! Stay healthy and blessed times a million 💛

Intro @0:00
Disclaimers: @00:25
Salt selection @2:57
Sound Selection @4:57
Pile 1: @6:54
Pile 2: @19:14
Pile 3: @36:12
Pile 4: @52:28
Pile 5: @1:06:04

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