The Rune Stones and the Zodiac Signs

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Runes consist of an ancient Germanic language and writing system used in mystical lore.  The earliest runic inscriptions date from around 150AD. Their origin is ancient and prehistoric and is derived from Nordic and German Pagan tradition, song and poetry.  The Rune symbols were engraved on stones and used for casting divination. We will also see how these ancient letters and symbols correspond to the zodiac signs.

The Rune Alphabet invention has also been accredited to the Nordic God, Odin.  For example, Michael Howard, in his book, The Magic of the Runes, mentions the ancient origins of the Runes by saying:

“The wizards who used the runes for magical purposes regarded themselves as blood kin to Odin, the Nordic God who was popularly credited with inventing the runic alphabet.  As we have seen, they were basically followers of the shamanistic tradition, which is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, religious belief systems known to humanity.”

Germanic Rune Stone Meanings and Zodiac Signs Correspondences

Fehu (Norse Fe)- wealth, fulfillment, nourishment, possessions.

Meaning -Positive: Success, abundance, good health, good fortune.

Meaning-Negative: Failure, loss of money, property, bondage, someone or something to be avoided.

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Uruz (Norse Ur)- Strength—aurochs (a wild ox), Adulthood, masculine potency, change, desire.

Meaning-Positive: action, courage, energy, freedom, good fortune, health, potency, potential, strength.

Meaning-Negative:  Bad luck, brutality, domination, lust, obsession, rashness, sickness, violence.

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Thurisaz (Norse Thurs):  Thorn, Thorr’s Hammer, giant, non-action, reactive force, directed force, male sexuality.

Meaning-Positive:  Catharsis, comfort, good news, happiness, inner strength, journey over water, security, take great care in making decisions.

Meaning-Negative:  Betrayal, compulsion, conflict, danger, defenseless, delayed journey.

Zodiac Signs or Planet-Mars

Ansuz (Norse Ass):  Odin, Sovereign Ancestor God, Messenger, communication, incantation, information.

Meaning-Positive:  Blessings, harmony, healing, insight, inspiration, new life changing goals, revealing message, true vision, words of power.

Meaning-Negative: bad advice, delusion, manipulation, misunderstanding.

Zodiac Signs or Planet-Mercury

Raidho or Raido (Norse Reid):  Travel, wagon—journey of life, the path to power, disruption, transportation, law.

Meaning-Positive:  Journey, getting to the truth, relocation, seeing past illusions.

Meaning-Negative:  Disruption, inconvenience, irrationality, travel problems.

Zodiac Sign or Planet: Sagittarius

Kenaz or Kaunaz (Norse Kaunaz): Beacon, enlightenment, controlled energy—boil, forge, hearth, pyre, sore, swelling, revelation, transformation.

Meaning-Positive:  Creativity, inspiration, new insights, new strength and energy, technical ability.

Meaning-Negative:  Bad judgement, false hope, confusion, hidden danger, instability.

Zodiac Sign or Planet:  Venus

Gebo (Norse Gyfu):  Gift, Love, Exchange of Powers—blessing, generosity, hospitality, partnership.

Meaning-Positive: Exchange of power between gods and humans, weddings, legacies, promotion, windfall.

Meaning-Negative:  Greed, loneliness, privation, someone close causes sadness.

Zodiac Signs or Planet:  Scorpio

Wunjo (Norse Wyn)- Bliss, joy, delight, gateway, glory, hope, mystery, pasture, pleasure, reward.

Meaning-Positive:  Comfort, happiness, success and recognition of worth

Meaning-Negative:  Alienation, frenzy, needless self-sacrifice, strife.

Zodiac Sign or Planet:  Leo

Hagalaz (Norse Hagall):  Ice, hail, snow, natural forces, disruption.

Meaning-Positive:  Brining opposites into harmony.

Meaning-Negative:  Crisis, delays, destruction, setbacks, situation beyond your control

Zodiac Signs or Planet:  Aquarius.

Nauthiz (Norse Nauthiz):  Necessity-Need-Desire, distress, constraint, survival.

Meaning-Positive:  Caution is necessary, new strength, self-reliance.

Meaning-Negative:  Deprivation, impatience leads to disaster.

Zodiac Sign or Planet:  Capricorn

Isa (Norse Is):  Ice, Lack of emotion, contraction—standstill, psychological blocks, reinforcement.

Meaning-Positive:  Patience, reinforcement, talk carefully.

Meaning-Negative:  Betrayal, hasty speech brings trouble, plots.

Zodiac Sign or Planet: The Moon

Jera (Norse Ar):  Spear, cycles, good year, good season or harvest, earned success.

Meaning-Positive:  Peace, progress, prosperity, time to reap rewards.

Meaning-Negative:  Bad timing, conflict, major change, no quick results

Zodiac Sign or Planet: The Sun

Eihwaz (Norse Eihwaz):  Reliability, strength, trust.

Meaning-Positive:  Enlightenment, end of a matter or relationship, change.

Meaning-Negative:  Confusion, destruction, trouble from past situations.

Zodiac Signs or Planet:  Scorpio

Perthro (Norse Pertho): Chance, evolutionary force, mystery, science, technology—feminine mysteries, dice cup, fate, occult, secret, sexuality, whisper.

Meaning-Positive: Initiation, knowledge of future, nice surprise, unexpected gain.

Meaning-Negative: Addiction, hurtful, secrets, malaise, stagnation.

Zodiac Sign or Planet: Saturn

Algiz (Norse Yr):  Elk, protection, opportunity—defense, refuge, stone axe, yew bow, refuge.

Meaning-Positive:  Channel energies, removal of blockage.

Meaning-Negative:  Hidden danger, people want to block you.

Zodiac Sign or Planet:  Cancer

Sowilo (Norse Sunna):  The Sun, a Sun-Wheel, life-energy, revelation-contact with the higher self, wholeness.

Meaning-Positive:  Advancement, change of residence, power for change, time of renewal, turnaround, victory.

Meaning-Negative:  Bad advice, false goals, gullibility, retribution.

Zodiac Sign or Planet:  The Sun

Tiwaz (Norse Tyr):  Warrior-Sovereign order, the Sky God. Analysis, Authority, honor, rationality.

Meaning-Positive:  Finding true strength, justice, law and order, victory and success, wisdom.

Meaning-Negative:  Adversaries, deception, intrigue, mental stasis.

Zodiac Sign or Planet: Libra

Berkano (Norse Bjarkan): Growth, fertility—rebirth, spring growth, personal growth.

Meaning-Positive: Birth, creativity, desire, marriage, new beginnings.

Meaning-Negative: Carelessness, divorce, miscarriage, new beginnings.

Zodiac Sign or Planet: Virgo

Ehwaz, or Ehwo (Norse Eoh):  Momentum, trust, cooperation-horse, stallion, war horse, partnership, progress, transportation.

Meaning-Positive:  Change for the better, new home, new goals, steady progress, teamwork.

Meaning-Negative: Betrayal, mistrust, progress blocked, restless feelings.

Zodiac Sign or Planet: Gemini

Mannaz (Nore Madr): Man, and his connection to the Divine-humanity, the self, the world.

Meaning-Positive: Expect help, forethought, man, lover, husband, new career opportunities, favors from God.

Meaning-Negative: Depression, expect no help, material loss.

Zodiac Sign or Planet: Jupiter

Laguz (Norse Logr): Water, womb of the great mother-flow, lake, mysteries, organic growth, psychic matters, the source, the underworld.

Meaning-Positive: Life energies, movement below surface, manifestation from other planes, renewal, success in travel.

Meaning-Negative: Bad judgment, blockage behind the scenes, confusion, fear, obsession, a woman may be involved.

Zodiac Sign or Planet: The Moon.

Ingwaz (Norse Inguz): Peace, harmony-Tribe, hero God, fertility god, male fertility and drive.

Meaning-Positive: Common sense, family benefits, growth, inner wisdom.

Meaning-Negative: Family burdens, impotence, spinning wheels.

Zodiac Sign or Planet: Cancer, New Moon.

Dagaz (Norse Daeg): Transformation—day or dawn, change, growth, release.

Meaning-Positive: Awakening, breakthrough, clarity, new beginnings.

Meaning-Negative: Coming full circle, completion, ending, hopelessness.

Zodiac Sign or Planet: Increasing Moon.

Othala, or Othila (Norse Odal): Family—Ancestral property, home, spiritual heritage, fundamental values, inheritance.

Meaning-Positive: Group order and prosperity, spiritual help, tangible possessions.

Meaning-Negative: Clannishness, greed, illusions, lack of order, jealousy, greed, wasted effort.

Zodiac Sign or Planet: Full Moon

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