Numerology and Love

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Numerology and Love

Numerology methods can predict the chemistry and compatibility between you and your special someone. When it comes to love we all want numerology clues, are you starting to date a new prospect? You don’t understand why you and your loved one don’t get along? Here you will find the answers

The numerology of love for each number

Numerology can help you find your ideal relationship through the calculation of your birthday associated number. Discover your mission, your vibration, your call, and find out the compatibility between you and your partner.

A perfect match:

One by one, we will rebel the desires and needs that each number is looking for according to the numerology of love:

1: The Lone Wolfs

You need someone who respects your individuality, who can cheer for you when you succeed and pat you on the back when you need it. Independent and ambitious, you need someone who can keep up with your dreams. Their competitive and innovative nature requires a partner who challenges you to be better every day, and who can withstand your narcissistic behavior.

 2: The Marrying kind

Emotional and sensitive, according to numerology, number 2 people understand life as part of a couple. Loving, proactive, and affectionate they know how to fill your life with romantic details. Their unconditional love can sometimes be somewhat intrusive for independent people. Reliable, the number two is the quintessential marrying kind, if you’re looking to get married. If not, you may find a swirl of feelings difficult to handle. 

3: Passionate Lovers

According to numerology, the purpose of number 3 is creative expansion, expressing yourself emotionally, and amaze everyone with your creativity. That is why many times, you can find them seeking attention for their achievements, their attractiveness, or their talent. A number three will always find a way to steal the show, meaning that if you suffer from jealousy, you better get out of the way. Now, if you want terrific adventures and receive love poems every morning, stay tuned.

4: Teachers

The life mission of a number 4 is to seek stability, create a stable and safe environment for them and their loved ones. Somewhat stubborn, people with the number four seek to understand the world through logic. Sometimes they can be somewhat cold, but it’s because they think there are more efficient ways to show affection. They will lose their heads for someone who encourages them to try new things from time to time.

5: Free Spirits

They can be considered agents of change, iconoclasts, curious. People with number five are, according to numerology, adventurous, and bold. They are not afraid to approve new things and get out of the schemes. They see life as an amusement park, and they want to get on every ride. This way of living life applies to all possible aspects, including their love life, so settling down is a tough decision for them. They are not impossible to catch, though, but they will only consider it if they find the right person.

6: Providers

Idealists, visionaries, and with great magnetism, people with the number 6 are homely, sociable, and friendly. According to numerology, six loves the idea of ​​taking the kids to the park and visiting relatives during the holidays. Their idealism can sometimes lead them to be perfectionists. However, they will always be there to support you, and don’t worry; they possibly started building your future together from the first date.

7: Spiritual Guides

The intuitive and profound nature of the number 7 makes them the most spiritual of the numerology family. Their mystical charm and compassionate nature make them very attractive, especially for those who want to see life through different lenses. That spiritual sensitivity is so awake that they need to withdraw and recharge batteries by themselves. Therefore they need a couple that understands them, better yet, that shares their search for self-knowledge.

8: Visionaries

A person whose mission is marked by the number 8 is, according to numerology, an individual who has an excellent ability for business. Visionary and generous, they are always surrounded by abundance and opportunities to grow. This doesn’t come without sacrifice; in fact, they are very disciplined and charismatic. Number eights express love with gifts and details, but they find it challenging to communicate what they feel. They need at their side a person who can read them as a book.

9: Old Souls

Altruists and philanthropists, people with number 9, were born to sacrifice for others. Whether through small or large gestures, they want to leave their mark on the world. They are very empathic, so they understand the emotional and spiritual dimension of others easily, and their decisions follow their romantic and idealistic heart. A defect? They don’t know how to accept help from anyone. They feel the need to set very rigid limits to avoid feeling invaded.

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