Answers from Your Past Life

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Hello beautiful souls! This pick a card is similar to a ‘message from future self’ but today we’re consulting your past life energy. This reading will mainly focus on advice/guidance and insight about your current incarnation ♾
We’ll be diving deep into your past life energy, looking into any past regrets, experiences, wounds that may need healing and things to look out for.

This is a timeless reading but we just entered into cancer ♋️ season and cancer rules the south node which governs past energy. Plus with all the retrogrades happening this felt like the perfect time to channel messages from the past and I hope you enjoy 🙏

These messages are in no way meant to direct your life,, these readings are here to offer you insight into what you already know. You are the director of your reality and you know your truth, so take what resonates and you know the rest ✨

I pray this reading brings you some love 💛 clarity 👁 and strength 💪

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  1. shangelao

    Thanks my angel continue to assist me but I am repuest you my angels that help me I want to see you ficicaly and guard me please reveal your presence to me please

  2. shangelao

    Thanks my angel please I love you and I need your assist you choose me during my birth to guard me please do it I want to see you physical connect to me to you and open my eyes to see you my 3 angels guard me I want to be whom I m created to be in this earth take my enemies away from me please

  3. debi

    i picked pile #2 and i agreed w/most of this reading. I do have a spiritual gift and ive just recently learned about my spiritual gifts. I am an unorthodoxed single woman that has been misunderstood by most people (guys n females) all of my life. Ive experienced jealousy and envy when i had a pure heart and ive learned from this to back away from these types of people and protect myself n my energy. I was a prophetess when i was younger and idk how or why i possessed this gift. I believe in God and my angels and ancestors and most people ridicule me for this so i dont talk to people that have no spiritual mind…and theres a lot of people that do not. Especially males. I am a single unattached woman that has been independent and learning to love myself all of my life. My energy is very important to me. Ive had many horrible experiences by wanting to receive true love from males and people in general and ive grown tired and fed up. I have strength from TMH to stop myself from making stupid mistakes by dealing w/people who are incapable of giving me unconditional love n loyalty in this world. It hasnt been easy but i am strengthened by my ancestors to live and stay alone and unattached to negative energies like envy n jealousy. Now i celebrate myself and i value good hearted, good natured people who want to share in celebration w/me and have positive energy for me to receive also.

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