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If you want to Learn Tarot online, it’s essential to understand that each tarot card has a soul and a meaning. Today we’ll be analyzing the major arcane number VII, the Chariot Tarot card. A victorious man, crowned, who is heading full speed into his next battle.

The Chariot Tarot Card Upright Meaning:

The Chariot Tarot card is very beneficial when it appears upright in an online tarot reading. Meeting this shining armor king means that all the changes and solutions we need in our lives will reach us ASAP. Connected to Mercury, this brave gentleman is charged with self-confidence, stability, and prosperity.

New projects, new opportunities, trips, and positive changes are associated with the Chariot Tarot card. If this card comes out upright during an online Tarot reading, it means that you will have great success in everything you set your mind to. It is a very dynamic moment, full of positive energy that you can use to chase after your goals.

The Chariot Upright Card Keywords:

Dynamic, Change, Trip, Courage, Will, Success, Leadership, Confrontation, Resolution, Determination, Positive Energy, Moving Forward, Progress, Promotion, Victory.

The Chariot Tarot Card Reversed Meaning:

When the Chariot Tarot card appears reversed, we find that winning attitude and that energy push can be overwhelming. Significant risks caused by an arrogant attitude can arise when it comes to this card reversed in an online Tarot reading.

It is essential to observe the cards that appear in the reading when the Chariot Tarot card appears reversed. For example, finding it next to the Tower of Destruction or the ten of swords is a negative omen. Especially critical if you are about to invest in new projects, travel, or making decisions that can affect your future.

The Chariot Tarot card reversed implies that things are getting out of control. Maybe you are not handling your temper correctly. Perhaps you are jumping to conclusions hastily or are stepping on others to achieve your goals. However, that will bring negative consequences for your present and future. Finding the Chariot in any online Tarot reading means that it is never too late to reflect and change our ways.

The Chariot Reversed Card Keywords:

Verbal Abuse, Accidents, Car Problems, Escapism, Violent, Stagnation, Obesity, Lacking Self-Control, No Boundaries, Emotional Problems, Setbacks.

Tarot Online: The Chariot Symbolism

This is a quite complex and entertaining card to analyze due to its details. Sphinxes, sacred geometry, symbols of victory, and conquest everywhere. A laurel crown over his head has been the symbol of conquerors since ancient Rome. Also, the symbol of Mercury in front of 

his carriage gives him a great talent to communicate his ideas and seduce everyone. But also to deceive.

His cape has a pattern of alchemical symbols related to spiritual transformation, while the square on his chest indicates that he also has the maturity and ability to face these changes. The sphinxes are each one of a color and heading in opposite directions. This suggests that the driver has, or will develop, the necessary force to control his instincts. The Chariot Tarot card is related to the Cancer zodiac sign.

What Does The Chariot Tarot Card Mean In Love?

Finding the Chariot Tarot card in a love tarot reading is a great omen, especially for singles. A new love will knock on your door. You will enjoy great energy of attraction over the opposite sex.  

Is The Chariot A Yes Or No Card?

Likewise, when the Chariot Tarot card comes up in online tarot readings in regards to a Yes or No Question, the answer is: Yes. Your projects are going to work out smoothly. At this moment, you have the capacity and the tools to achieve everything.

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