Learning Tarot Online: Justice

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Online Tarot reading is an intricate system in which each tarot card has a soul and meaning. Today we’ll be analyzing the major arcane number XI. Justice Tarot card comes to remind us all of our good deeds, but also our mistakes. With moderation and impartiality, this lady in red has come to judge everyone equally and severely.

Justice Tarot Card Upright  Meaning:

This image is so widespread that it is not difficult to know the topic we are addressing. Justice Tarot card is one of the few arcanes that represents exactly what we know about it, no riddles, no mysteries. Laws, rules, norms, legal proceedings, accountability… Justice for the helpless, punishment for the sinners. Everyone will have what they deserve, for better and for worse.

The Justice Tarot card doesn’t portray the typical image of blind justice. It is not a justice exercised by humans or susceptible to failing. Instead, it is divine justice. That is why she looks directly at our faces; the time has come to take responsibility for your actions.

When the Justice Tarot card appears upright in an online Tarot reading, it is an excellent omen for those who are in a judicial process or fighting for their rights. It is a call to “play fair,” be honest, impartial, and considerate towards others. 

Justice Upright Card Keywords:

Justice, Rights, Balance, Equity, Legality, Honesty, Impartiality, Objectiveness, Moral, Reason, Harshness, Distant.

Justice Tarot Card Reversed Meaning:

When the Justice Tarot card appears reversed in an online Tarot reading, it means that anything related to legal claims can be delayed or complicated. This card is especially unfavorable for those who are in the middle of a legal process, as it can indicate significant fines and even imprisonment.

If you have hidden something, an affair, for example, will come to light. Justice is not going to pity you, and everything will fall by its weight. On the other hand, it may be reflecting an attitude towards life or a very unfair and judgy person. It is a person full of prejudices that won’t hesitate twice to victimize and harm you. Don’t blame others for your own mistakes; there is no way to run away from your truth.

Justice Reversed Card Keywords:

Legal Delays, Suffering, Prison, Uncertainty, Illegality, Dishonesty, Lies, Crime, Corruption.

Justice Tarot Card Symbolism:

Dressed in red, a woman crowned with reason sits between two stone columns. Her white shoes, one of which shyly peeks out under her tunic, indicates that her intentions are pure. She comes to weigh and judge impartially all who dare to stand in front of her. Her sword symbolizes that she will be implacable, and will not hesitate to punish those who deserve it.

The balance in her left hand will be used to measure and judge each individual for their good and bad actions. The purple cloth behind her back indicates her spiritual power, which makes her capable of being compassionate but also omnipotent. 

What Does Justice Tarot Card Mean In Love?

Although it may indicate that the relationship is somewhat cold and distant, it is a positive card to establish a serious relationship. When the Justice Tarot card appears reversed in an online Tarot reading, it is especially difficult as it could be indicating divorces, legal conflicts, and deceptions.

Is Justice A Yes Or No Card?

The impartiality of the Justice Tarot card goes beyond saying. Therefore, when this Tarot card appears in an online Tarot reading as the answer to a Yes or No question, the result is not defined.

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