Manifestation with Other People

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3:14 – 3 MOST IMPORTANT TRUTHS About Manifesting Relationships

4:30 – The Basics of Manifesting From/With Other People
10:10 – Manifesting Out-of-Character Behaviour From Others

14:46 – Manifesting a Romantic SP
16:08 – How to Remove Blockages When Manifesting Your SP
20:15 – pls watch this part if you are working to remove blockages it’s important🙏
21:03 – How Your Relationship Will Manifest
25:54 – Can You Manifest Someone Changing/Coming Back?

28:24 – How to Know If Your Manifestation Will Work
29:11 – How to Manifest for Your Happiest Relationship
30:15 – 20-second TL;DR

30:34 – Can You Manifest a Relationship With a SP Who Doesn’t Know You?

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