Tarot Reading: The Ten of Cups

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Tarot reading is an intricate system in which each Tarot card has a soul and meaning. Today we’ll be analyzing a minor arcane from the suit of cups. The Ten of Cups Tarot card, the ultimate fulfillment of our emotional and personal goals.

The Ten of Cups Tarot Card Upright Meaning:

Finding the Ten of Cups Tarot card Upright in a spread means that the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit. Understanding, prosperous relationships, great opportunities to start family businesses, welcoming a new member to the growing family… Everything is turning out just right for you.

The message of this card is clear. The family, the rainbow, the house in the prairie, and the dancing children give it away. This is exactly why it is important to relate the meaning of this card with the central message of the consultation itself. For example, if the querant asks about their love life, this card is a good omen, indicative of a positive consummation.

It’s a card that is charged with love, harmony, and tranquility. In the spiritual sense, you’ve been able to heal and overcome the familial conflicts that were holding you back. Now you know that you can create new memories together, go forth as a family, and accept the differences that once separated you.

The Ten of Cups Upright Card Keywords:

Understanding, Harmony, Abundance, Happiness, Love, Balance, Satisfaction, Spiritual Growth, Fast Results, Emotional Bonds, Healthy Relationships.

The Ten of Cups Tarot Card Reversed Meaning:

Turning over a Ten of Cups Tarot Card in its reversed position in reading reveals things in our querent’s past to us. It may reveal that their home or their family was plagued with an abrupt separation, domestic abuse, or a nasty divorce. In more grave cases, it may also be indicative of domestic abuse and severe trauma that make constructing relationships in the present more difficult for the querant.

Toxic relationships, breakups, infidelity… When the Ten of Cups Tarot Card appears reversed, it implies that the foundations of the immediate family were shaky. Fights, miscommunications, lack of balance in their relationships, this card is very much linked to the emotional and sentimental aspects of the querant. 

However, if the reversed Ten of Cups Tarot Card shows up in reading regarding business, it could easily be interpreted as a warning: don’t mix business and pleasure… Or business and family for that matter. Don’t lend money without evaluating the risks, don’t establish a business with a family member… Keep those two worlds separate.

The Ten of Cups Reversed Card Keywords:

Emotional Issues, Trauma, Lack of Balance, Instability, Family Disputes, Domestic Abuse, Conflicts, Break-ups, Toxic Relationship. 

Tarot Reading: The Ten of Cups Symbolism

As mentioned before, the ten of cups Tarot card depicts the perfect portrait of familial bliss. Next to their house, on a beautiful day, a rainbow frames a family that’s spending a wonderful time together in their garden. The children play holding hands, while their parents embrace each other watching the sunset crowned by ten golden cups. 

The references of family stability, like the home, the green pasture, and the rolling hills of the landscape where children dance are clear connections to the powerful, loving energy that emanates from this card. Long term commitment is one of the keys to understand the message from the Ten of Cups Tarot Card. A house, a family, a loving bond… All these need dedication, care, and hard work to maintain.

What Does The Ten of Cups Tarot Card Mean In Love?

It means wedding bells. Three-tier cakes. Fluffy dresses! The Ten of cups Tarot card in a love Tarot reading means you have to be patient and keep working on your relationship because things are about to take that big turn that you’ve been anxiously expecting for so long. Cheers! 

Is The Ten of Cups A Yes Or No Card?

When it comes to Yes or No questions the Ten of Cups Tarot card is a Yes! The changes you’ve been expecting, the news you’ve been waiting for… This card suggests that all that you’ve been dreaming of is going to come true.

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