The Tarot Reading Journey

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Reading tarot is an art. Beyond intuitive, which is an essential part of a consultation, tarot readers are curious people. Each symbol, image, number, and suit keeps a captivating amount of meanings that can open the doors of an introspective journey. Tarot cards are stepping stones on the path towards spiritual growth.

Tarot Basics For The Curious-Minded:

From aces to the tenth card, each card poses a lesson related to the suit’s spirit. What spirit is that?

Well, the suit of swords, for example, is related to the air element, thus to our ideas, the rational aspect of each person. Our beliefs, prejudices, train of thought and creativity converge in the sword cards that teach us about adaptability, controlling our thoughts, and how to tame our inner demons.

And what about the court cards? The King, the queen, the knight, and the page? They are here to represent people, attitudes, and personalities connected with the reading. While the page of cups Tarot card points to a young, romantic, and dreamy person, the King of cups has already reached maturity, and with it, he has managed to achieve control over his emotions.

Reading Tarot To Know Yourself:

As mentioned before, The King and Queen of each suit have managed to develop their potential. By understanding themselves, they managed to conquer the world. They are prosperous, stable, wise, and determined. Unless they appear upside down… In that case, each card, character, and lesson takes on a different meaning. When a card appears inverted, courage turns into fear, indecision into certainty, an action into stagnation. It is a complex system that can open your eyes to a new world of personal meanings. Yet, tarot as a method of divination is anything but new.

The History Of Tarot:

There are those who point out that the first tarot was developed in ancient Egypt. Other experts argue that the format popularized by Rider-Waite has its origins in the mid-fourteenth century in Italy. The centuries went by, and tarot decks  became more popular, easy to interpret, and even personalized. From Pinup to Gothic-inspired decks, there’s a match to every taste.

Card after card we can delve together in everyday life and the great spiritual lessons concentrated in the Major Trumps, the 22 most important cards in a tarot reading. The Major Trumps captivated not only the world of magic but also that of psychology. Carl Jung, the most famous disciple of Freud, devoted a large part of his career to understanding tarot. 

 Jung found that Major Trumps were archetypes. The personification of concepts and ideas that present throughout history in every human civilization. The wanderer, the mother, death, the devil… Everyone is present in the pantheon of the human psyche. Their mysteries and attributions remain more or less invariable, like hidden forms waiting in the shadows.

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