From Human to Metahuman: Milestones

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From Human to Metahuman : Milestones

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  1. David Reay

    Deepak, watching yesterday you gave a guided meditation on connecting with someone you haven’t seen for a while. I followed your instructions and was told one day later that my friend’s partner had asked after me.All this one day later and I hadn’t heard from them for seven months.

  2. 1BelovedOne

    Deepak! So grateful for you ❣ Many years ago I leaned over to whisper in your ear as you were signing one of your books for me in Oakland CA, “THANK YOU FOR BEING ON THE PLANET DURING THE SAME TIME THAT I am here!” I still feel the same. Thank you for being a Metahuman and being a consistent, Loving pointer of the Way!!! Blessings to you and all you hold Dear. We are all Blessed by your existence❣

  3. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir Thank you.

  4. train Music

    Onboard with exploring all 13

  5. Vasanthraj Nair

    13 Milestones
    1.Shift in sense of self
    2.Shift in emotions – divine emotions
    3.Shift in cognition – the way we think and know
    4.Shift in perception – always present
    5.Shift in memory – Use memories, but do not allow memories to use you
    6.Insight – inner vision
    7.Intuition – going beyond the cause-effect relationship
    8.Vision for higher purpose
    10.State of Flow – No resistance
    11.Ecstasy and transcendence
    12.Loss of personal agency- surrender to the divine
    13.Loss of fear of death.
    Thank you for sharing these. Namaste Deepak Ji.

    1. Santanu Kar

      Thank you

    2. camelia elena

      you forgot to ask what those shifts really mean

  6. janet warner

    ~You are a very beautiful,wise,soul~~Kisses!!

  7. Cheryl Gies

    HELLO from Canada!

  8. Cheryl Gies

    IS everything perfect in the world. Yet, it seems i have to convince myself that it is perfect. Please help me understand why we can’t grasp the perfectation in our lives? IS all good? Thank you for helping me wake up.

  9. Eliete Chuff Souto


  10. James Cropper


  11. Noushad PA

    Wishes from Kerala

  12. ritu arora

    Grateful to u 🙏

  13. Norma Denys

    Hi Deepak, thank you for this I know advertising is important but recently you talks are continually interrupted with these ads

  14. Tabatha’s Perspective


  15. Rondinelle Oliveira

    Great, thank you for share mr. Deepak Chopra

  16. Gerard Sanford

    Is there such a thing as the dark night of the soul following a Kundalini awakening?

  17. Debbie Underhill

    I love your videos, thank you. The ads every few minutes might discourage some viewers.

  18. Beatriz Monteiro

    Dear Dr. Deepak Chopra, these teachings are wonderful. Deep and easy to grasp at the same time. Useful. Inspiring. Thank you!

  19. camelia elena

    but you forgot to mention the most important thing: as experience of duality ,that we are fisical body… what happends when this acumulation of notions ,false notions (maya)
    starts to shift and transform? most of the tibetan truly awakened people in india talk about several fisical deaths . i miself experience a long term process of death ,and so much fear of dying until one day i let myself to ” die ” . well i didnt. i wake up next day ,well and alive and i had one of the most powerful well being experiences . but… in this process all energy is acumulated in the area of the head . upper area. and my feet were always very very cold . i had years of ilness etc for 5 months i had the feeling of dying every night until i let go . so many really could not bear this awakening process.they had to leave this dimension. so dont depict everything as magical …magical is only when you truly make it . cause meditation and other practices are a form of forcing the awakening . otherwise awakening hapends during a lifetime . and it’s slow and natural . consciousness in a non awakened body stil is and knows itself.only the small mental body its not involved . otherwise so many will find themselves in strange situations and it’s not easy having nobody to guide you . make a video about this too

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