Perfect Health is a Blissful Body

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  1. snorlexer1

    Perfect Body is a Blissful Health

  2. Aatif Al Balushi

    U r a great living being in today’s world. Hope that you always enlighten us with knowledge

  3. Dr S Ranjan MBBS Acupuncturist

    Blissful Man is Metahuman.
    – Dr. Joe Dispenza | Wim Holf | Akahi

  4. Eliete Chuff Souto

    I started yesterday. Excelent class

  5. doug archer

    Good morning Deepak! A morning smile! Many years ago I did a series of illustrations to explain this mornings topic to a friend. Even with this understanding…. I still don’t want to be eaten by a tiger 😊 Enjoy your day Deepak 😊

  6. Jeeksie

    My feedback? You are a genuine gift to this mad world. Fascinating , generous, patient with us all. Thank you for the time you offer so that we have a better comprehension of the global perpective. Greetings and deep respect from France…Be blessed.

    1. Deepak Chopra

      Love !

  7. Jennifer Pettibone

    Thank you! I look forward to your daily posts. ✌🏻🙏🏻

  8. Sonya Sun Heart

    Thank you so much Deepak Chopra. I love and honour you, listening to your guiding voice for 20 years 🙂 (and loved MetaHuman! ) <3

  9. Stephen Hickson

    Hi Deepak. The sound is low. 👍

  10. Conceição Vicente

    Perfect Body is a Blissful Health.Thank you for 21 Days.

  11. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, we are all blessed sharing your knowledge with us. Thank you.

  12. 6Smiley

    Namaste 🙏 Just needed this, perfect timing! Thank you!

  13. Marc Tremblay

    thank you deepak namaste from Montreal, I have been following you for years, maybe we will see each other at Mont Tremblant retreat this summer

  14. Ebrahim Johnson

    Great Video Deepak, I’m all the way from Cape Town South Africa, and have truly found lots of Value in You’re Work.God Bless

  15. KORU Lifestylist

    Thank you Deepak Chopra… you have been such an inspiration to me over the years💖🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

  16. Don Martin

    Thank you deepak for your morning talks . I look forward to them,you are very understandable.and a inspiration to the universe

  17. Lisa k

    thank you Deepak. Your video brought me a few moments of peace.

  18. Beatriz Monteiro

    You look so happy, Deepak. Thank you for this deep teaching. Namaste.

  19. Ewa ŻMUDA

    Thank You Deepak, precious few moments od lightness of being are easier to reach with Your pointers and I feel like making an effort ..Thank You.

  20. Maria Bentele

    You are an amazing gift to this world. I cant find any words to thank you enough, for helping me and so many others.

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