Seeds of Love with Deepak Chopra & Dr Vandana Shiva

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Meaningful, beautiful and important conversation about how to save the earth and humanity.

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  1. Lily Levental

    In the process of gaining full control over people and natural resources the “for profit” entities and the few people in power alienated us from our own nature and separated us from natur. Your educational session shades a light on the source of the issue. I doubt if our societies are ready for a change that will remove greed, and promot compassion and understanding among all people.

  2. Osiris Shafer

    Very Interesting interview ,what an INSPIRATION is Dr Vandana she is a truly a WARRIOR and someone to fallow to DO the RIGHT thing.I for myself do as much as possible to respect the EARTH that give me LIFE…I have a question for Master Chopra…My FAMILY and I have concencious about We conduct our lives respecting our bodies as our temple,eating the food that is good for our spirits and minds…I fallow Ayurvedic medicine for the most part,but my husband had an EPISODE OF RITMIA an irregular heart beat…so he was prescribed TRADICINIAL MEDICINE…to make sure his blood is thin to PREVENT any clogs…OF COURSE we have been ENFICING MORE ON THE EXCERCISE,FOOD,MEDITATION AND LOVE and everything else we talked about with You ….so Here is the QUESTION and I know you can NOT tell me what is good for him…BUT DO YOU THINK AS A DR OF MEDICINE TO MIX TRADITIONAL MEDICINE AND AYURVEDA…I WILL SINCERELY APPRECIATE IF YOU CAN GIVE YOUR INPUT ON THIS VERY IMPORTANT SCENARIO IN MY LIFE…I am feeling good about it because IAM DOING THE BEST OF MY ABILITIES AND WITH THE MOST PURE LOVE FOR THE HEATH OF MY HUSBAND.NAMASTE OSIRIS

  3. AA OO

    Thank u. What an inspiration.

  4. Baldev Chauhan

    oh what an inspiring talk by two beautiful people!

  5. Chris Carter


  6. Chen Taiji Traditional Berlin - CZL Taiji System

    Very important, big work! Thank you!

  7. Luis Mac Gregor

    Good Interview motivates to do something for our planet.

  8. Sam M

    Thank you Deepak. Dr.Vandana is definitely Durga avatar. Her work in several fields is mind blowing. We need bold people like her to save the planet.

    1. Sandra

      Sumit: We are those bold people.

  9. Marisa Ortiz

    Such important conversation among two great leaders, thank you for sharing with the world!

    1. Chris Namaste

      wishing they would b really leaders… our ‘leaders’ (belgium) & all over our beautiful planet are mostly bad pple :s

  10. Todd Sloan

    Depak 17:53 is a peaceful soul of source brain infinite possibilities!

  11. Notecrusher

    Beautiful interview. Thank you Deepak and Vandana!

  12. Santhosh Kumar

    Great interview. We should never be mere spectators on this fight πŸ™‚

  13. Kalpana Devi

    Vasudeva kutumbakam. Thank you Goddess Vandana Shiva. I will be definitely reading your books and spreading the word. πŸ™

  14. Jasmina Kockar

    So so so true!!!! EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THIS!!!

  15. Philip Brown

    the animals should be running this planet. humans are a virus

  16. Bonnie Leary


  17. Jean-Marc Jacot

    May the jails of the old system collapse and free all of its unconscious slaves, aspiring to the freedom and love, opening to oneness through Love, which is why the Light of Love has already triumphed, within each and everyone of us! Jay jay jay!

  18. Johanna Leon

    I would like to know what s they wrote about me, in the book METAHUMAN???

  19. Johanna Leon

    I am very excited in contributed with the planet

  20. Johanna Leon

    I can learn

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