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From Human to #Metahuman : The best version of you today

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  1. Katy Love

    So from the phrase: mind over matter, can this be a new mantra: AWARENESS over Mind & Matter? ☺

    1. eva w

      Yes, Awareness is everything. Mind over matter is the old paradigm.

  2. Dhianne R


  3. Detached And Free

    “I am” is the awareness in the discontinuity.

  4. Pedro Augusto


  5. Johanna Leon

    Como es posible que hayas terminado con Abraham y la enviaste a la calle sin su auto, dinero y con una bebe de meses ?????

  6. Ruby Naidu

    Thank you Deepak, I love your videos

  7. 4am Curiosity

    Its amazing because the more i know about myself the more i gain a new definition of “I” …i begin to identify with the entire reality around me. Its interesting how only 3d people or limited mindsets only identify with the body, limited mindsets identify with a limited portion of reality.
    Making them sorta right u know,cuz this only wields them power over the physical, not their higher dimensional perceptions. Random thoughts,no claims.


    why do you say that the self is infinite? I agree that the self (consciousness) is non-local to this reality (the universe as we know it)… but that does not then mean that consciousness is infinite?

  9. About Creativity

    Very good, ´´right now there are infinite versions of self´´ ´´Today why not choose what I think at this moment is the best version of self = awareness.´´
    ´´Infinite versions of me´´

  10. lizett Correa

    Thank u

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