Your body is made of nothing

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Your mind has no location.
Your senses are the activity of knowing.
And you are infinite existence.
From Human to #Metahuman

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  1. JUNG IT

    I was able to strip myself back to that bare state in an attempt to reduce all the conditioning and narrative I’ve carried for too long. And it worked because now I flow with change and I suffer less. I went very high at one point but when I got grounded again I was able to have a giggle at the unnecessary stress our story carries. I’m less story now and more moment to moment enjoyment. Thank you Deepak. I admire your findings and we are waking up.

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  3. Magda 13

    Yes Sir !! πŸ˜‰

  4. Kathleen Cureton

    Beautiful! 😊


    Bless you πŸ’œ

  6. MrDesoto33

    I don’t know about that neurologist’s definition of the mind. It was a human bound definition vs. a meta human definition. The definition of one whose awareness is limited to this world. Going into this black or white mentality without discerning the grey areas between. The physical brain YES does secrete conciousness but NO it’s secretion is not the source but the breaching of this secretion leads us to the source of mind. Our “local” awareness is sourced in the non local awareness of the Divine White Living Light. We have eyes and see through them, it doesn’t have eyes and sees. We have ears and hear through them, it doesn’t have ears and hears. We have a brain and intellect and a mind through our brain, it doesn’t have a brain and yet is omniscient. This is our direct source of mind/intellect/conciousness of the physical brain, a metaphysical process wherein our brain is sourced in a field or entanglement of a “mind of light” which in turn is sourced in the non local awareness of the Divine White Living Light. That’s the next layer (astral body/world) but whence is this local mind of light and this non local Divine White Living Light? Ultimately passing through the more refined states of the ethereal mind (asian mind) and the causal we arrive at the formless soul/OM. We are creatures in creation and as such all of creation has these 5 dimensional layers of which the formless living Soul/OM is the pre creation state. Creation still exists in its pre creation state as do we humans or anything that has form or can be named. My friends talking about the flat earth theory stopped talking to me for a while when I told them to elevate their dialogue to my level of perfect enlightened awareness and understanding and the earth was in essence “formless and void”, it was the human form that forms it and their minds were just a part of the human form. Great stuff Deepak!!

  7. deschain9

    I feel so connected to you and the things you say. Feeling the things you say through meditation, deeply realizing them, and self reflection has transformed my understanding of reality. I am but a beginner, but I feel I understand the concepts you talk about and I feel this awareness of the deeper reality. We are one consciousness with infinite diversity, timeless and beyond all stories.πŸ™
    Thank you for being you, I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to engage with you and to know you, I’m just grateful for you being guided into my life. ❀️

  8. asomaskanda

    If neural correlates of consciousness such as what occurs in the visual cortex( electrical activity or action potential recordable by say EEG) can be run through a video set,. will there be visual images on the screen that we can see? This is the gist of what these neuroscientists are saying by implying that these action potential is equivalent to to images that we see. This is pure nonsense. Vision is in consciousness and not in the brain or mind.

  9. Bettina Navarro

    Thank you dear Deepak for our daily communication; despite your busy schedule . I very much appreciate you

  10. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you.

  11. B H

    When are the live shows? I would love to attend them during the live broadcast

  12. B H

    I like your sweater!

  13. fadi 6917

    Deepak should be nominated as a spiritual leder for entire world. Thank you.

  14. HikingDawn !!!!

    So sad that your beautiful, peace and attention-generating voice is now interrupted by multiple adds here on YouTube. The adds, every time, jerk me right out of being. Love you, Deepak. Stay safe. πŸ˜ŒπŸ™

    1. Joe Mark

      use Adguard if you want to remove the YT ads!

    2. HikingDawn !!!!

      Joe Mark Thank you, I’ll check it out.

  15. Stefen Eynius

    Thank you!! love you

  16. Karen Guarnizo

    Thank you Deepak!

  17. Hazel Goodman

    Ach, 3 loud ads.

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  19. A Zajac

    I believe everything you say Master.

  20. Norruu

    3 advertisements: Quite materialistic for a spiritual teacher. Like a fat fitness coach.

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