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Divination using Dice is known as Astragalomancy or astragyromancy; from the Greek ‘astragalus’ meaning dice or knucklebone, referring to what was used for dice, which was the knucklebones or sometimes the vertebrae of an animal. 

Astragalomancy Divination is the random casting of specially marked Dice with either letters or numbers represented in dots.

The History of Dice Divination

Around 500 BC throughout the Mediterranean area, 4 knucklebones of goats and sheep with numeric markings were used in and around burial sites and various religious locations. As far back as 1400 BC, the Egyptians used what we commonly know as dice for divinatory practices. The ancient Romans used marked sheep knucklebones for dice, and the ancient Greeks associated the goddess Athena and the god Hermes with dice divination.

Each number tallied from a roll of the dice would correspond to a word that would answer a question. In antiquity, bones would be cast and read as to their positions or the geometry of the shape they formed on the ground. 

Gypsy Fortune tellers would cast the dice onto a chart of the astrological houses, the number of the dice would represent a particular planet.  From this, they could divinate luck, fortune, and love into the different aspects of a person’s life.

Divination using two Dice

This is used for simple questions. The dice should be tossed gently or poured from a cup into the circle. If one of the dice should roll out of the circle, it should be ignored.  If both roll out, then it is not your day to be asking questions, and you should stop right there.

For Yes/No divinations:

An even roll (total the numbers of the dice) = Yes

An odd roll = No

For General Questions:

3 – Take Care and be observant

4 – Be Wise and check your facts

5 – Good Luck or Good Fortune

6 – Of Course, you knew along

7 – Have faith in what you believe

8 – Be patient and good things will come

9 – Certainly, without a doubt

10 – Doubtful, and probably best so

11 – Nonsense, you know better than that

12 – There is a slight chance, but have to hope

Divination using three Dice

This was the divination method of the ancient Tibetans and was used for general questions to be answered. As with the method of the two dice roll with dice landing outside the circle, the same applies to three. However, if one dice should land to rest on top of another means that a gift will be received; be it a material gift, or information about something that is about to happen. The fortune-teller interprets what it is.

The divinatory reader will first observe any dice that have fallen outside of the circle.

1 dice outside the circle = Obstacles or Difficulties in the near future.

2 dice outside the circle = Quarrels, Disagreements, or Arguments are most likely.

3 dice outside the circle = Good Luck, Good Fortune, and Success, so no reading is needed.

All of The dice that fall within the circle are totaled up. The sum of the Dice reveals a message.

0 or 1 or 2 = No answer for the questioner today. Ask again some other time.

3 = change is in the air for certain situations or circumstances.

4 = Misunderstandings are likely, and arguments and unpleasantries are exchanged soon

5 = Unforeseen revelation or knowledge obtained, your intentions and desires will be fulfilled.

6 = Loss: could be financial, relationship or material item.

7 = Hardships in the near future, but this will change in time.

8 = Be patient and do not act or react hurriedly, a lack of caution may lead to trouble.

9 = A potential association in love and or business, triumphs in romance and gambling.

10 = New beginnings in career or family.

11 = Possible loss of someone; or a short-term ailment; or an alienated person returns to you.

12 = Vital message soon, seek out guidance for legal matters, a possible large sum of money coming soon.

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