Modern Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

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In this video I talk about some ways to celebrate the holiday of Imbolc in general and some specific ways the modern witch can celebrate an ancient holiday in a contemporary way. I want to share some time saving options and encourage you to celebrate at whatever level of complexity you have the energy for. I will also be creating an acrylic painting for Imbolc while we chat. Let’s do some Magical Crafting.

Affiliate Links to materials used
Mini Heat gun for drying paint (purple)
White Gel Pens
Posca Chalk Pens Posca chalk pens regular point Extra Fine point

0:00 Hello my Darlings
1:02 Traditional Imbolc Celebration
1:36 Include Milk in your day
2:37 Fire Festival, Lighting Candles
3:28 Add creativity to the day
4:25 Adapt the wheel of the year to you
5:17 Greet the Sun
5:34 Brigid Dolls, Traditional Activities
6:15 Modern Options
6:35 An Imbolc Altar
7:05 Alternatives to an Altar for Imbolc
7:35 Awaken your Ambition
8:35 Lunar New Year Traditions
9:57 Glitter Watercolor
11:41 Final painting reveal

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