Plant Magick and Herbology in Witchcraft Spells

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There are many ways that Herbology is used in Magical Spells.  Every single plant on planet Earth holds a Magickal Property. In the Days of Old, Witches would experiment, record their findings, and then share them with other witches. A witch was a healer, so to share their information was just natural… “we can heal even more if we share”. Potions and concoctions were passed down from generation to generation.  The female witches of the coven or community were the healers, the keepers of the hearth, the cooks and the sages.

When an herb or plant was to be used in a concoction it was a practice to take a small pinch of the herb and sprinkle it into the flame of a candle, as to empower the spell with the plant’s magickal properties. Making the cure or potion even more powerful.

For instance, let’s talk Love Spells for a moment:

Let’s say a lonely soul visits the Village Witch for an answer to Love.

The Witch asks her what she wants to come to her. The Woman tells her that there is a particular guy she is interested in, however, he does not know she even exists.

The Witch ponders a moment, rubbing her chin and mumbling to herself as she pans over the plethora of little bottles all lined up neatly on the shelf after shelf on the wall. She goes to the shelf marked “LOVE” and reads the little note tied to the Basil bottle. “Very Potent for Love potions and spells”.

So a pinch of Basil is sprinkled over a lit candle, and as the smoke rises between them she says, 

“A Pinch of Devil Plant to awaken his senses; 

to open his heart and break down his defenses!” 

Then a small pinch goes into the cauldron.

She reads the next bottle. “Catnip- magnet for positive energies and luck”. So a pinch of that into the flame and the pot and a small handful of red rose petals.

The next bottle reads: “Lavender – attracts love, rub on clothes”. 

So a big pinch in the pot and a sprinkle of the flame, as she chants:

“A dose of love from the purple flower,

To bring in the heart’s most mighty power!”

Then she thinks to herself, “To balance this perfume – just one more should do. For longevity in Happiness, and a love that is true.”

“Apple it is, from the dried fruit and skin, for this man’s heart she will truly win.”

Then she sprinkles a little in the pot and a pinch on the flame. The smoke rises into a heart shape, her work is done.  A little glass bottle with a cork for a top, is filled to brim – carefully not to spill a drop.

Of course this is not a real love spell, I made this all up.  However, if you are that lonely soul and try this potion as a perfume and do attract the lover of your dreams; do write us and let us know.:)

Some More Plant Magick for Spells and Potions Around Love

Avocado – Love and Lust and Beauty

Cardamon – Lust and Love

Daffodil – Love, Luck and Fertility

Eryngo – Travelers Luck, Tranquility and Love

Gardenia – Love, Peace and Healing

Grains of Paradise – Lust, Luck, Money, Wishes come true

Joe-Pye Weed – Love, Devotion and Respect

Orange – Friendship, Luck and Money

Raspberry – Protection and Love

Rye – Love and Fidelity

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