3 Things You Need About the Meaning of Feathers

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Do you ever find feathers? There’s a specific message and meaning from the angels when this happens… Find out what it is now!

Feathers are one of the most common angel signs… Why is this?

Whether you’re finding white feathers, gray feathers, black feathers, multi-colored feathers, or angel feathers of any kind…

Discover what it means when you keep finding feathers on your path!

The meaning of a feather is in and of itself symbolic… But then there are also layers of meaning as you learn how to use the feather as a prompting to tune into the deeper angelic guidance, inspiration, and the angel messages available to you in the present moment.

Ready for more?

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  1. Nija Rutledge

    Yes, I’ve found 2 in the past couple of days.

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Yay! Perfect timing for this video then πŸ˜‡πŸ’–βœ¨

  2. Chavi Dagar

    Yes I see them all the time..and I collect the ones which are very unique..feel really calm and at peace 😁😁

  3. Indigo Falling Tarot

    I find them alot have a collection of them.

  4. Infinite Love

    Yesterday, I was waiting at the bus stop ( a beautiful day had been occurring already ) and I look down and there was a white feather laying underneath a yellow leaf πŸ’›

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Awesome! πŸ˜‡πŸ’–βœ¨

    2. Eileen Ryan

      Infinite love I think the white feather cell out of forest Gump’s book

    3. Eileen Ryan

      I said fell not sell UC I have to use the microphone to get my messages out I’m being to have a bronx accent it doesn’t pick up the correct word that I’m saying I cannot use the keypad because my fingers are too pudgy so please forgive me but I do think maybe the white feather fell fell out of Forrest Gump book

  5. supplythelaughter

    YES as well as seeing images of feathers on peoples clothing and wing symbols at least 3 times a week.

  6. Amber Z

    Yes! Feathers and all sorts of signs. I believe Angel wings are symbolic of the light energy torus field which emanates from the open heart. When my heart is open, I can feel energy on the areas on my back where wings would emerge.


      Amber Marie omg I have been feeling like my wings are forming!

  7. Flower of Life z

    Sweet melanie, may I have your permission tu use your name and a paraphrasis of your teachings in the book im working, I should say we are working cause your teachings open my connection to the pristine angelic realm. The book is about the guatemalan civil war… you would be the angel who with her charisma heals the wounds of the innocent who died. And guide them in a emotional release of their pain… we intend not to solely tell a story. But to heal the collective consciousness of the people cause most of all those war crimes remain unpunished, and one of the goals of this angelic inspired book is to help people awake and undestand that punishment is selfish… is better to let go and release those low emotions in to the light… ask miles advise it could be a milestone lightwork and feel that is very aligned with a a abundance as an espiritual enterprise!

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Sure πŸ˜‡βœ¨πŸ’œ

  8. Lansing Day

    Ah, yes, the loving messages of feathers! Melanie, the spirit world feels smiling to me and is asking me to ask you…with help, could you one day speak more about humans flying? peace and blessings πŸ™‚

  9. Vicky

    111 likes another sign and yes find feathers frequently!!πŸ’œπŸ€πŸ’œ

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Awesome πŸ’šπŸ˜‡βœ¨πŸ’œ

  10. Kerry Fitzpatrick

    Yes. It’s crazy. I find them all the time. I subscribed to askangels.com mid 2014 than found your videos on YouTube. Ever since then I’ve noticed feathers all over, even indoors. My dad pasted away 10 years ago. I’ve been noticing when I think of him a lot a will find pennies. Thanks for all you do!!! Your a great person!!!

    1. shenee A

      Yes see feathers all the time when getting in my sisters car πŸš— a brown feather came directly down to my right foot 🦢 was shocked 😳

  11. Rich Allen

    In Native American culture, the feather symbolized a number of things including strength, trust, honor, wisdom and freedom. Native Americans proudly displayed feathers in headpieces and wardrobes, or had the image tattooed on their bodies.

    1. Brianna Bodin

      Rich Allen my boyfriend is Anishanaabe and every single time we go to the beach of Lake Superior (which is often), I find at least one loon feather. I had collected so many that I donated them to someone that wanted to make dream catchers. The Ojibwe people make beautiful regalia with them. ❀️

    2. Heather Hartman

      @Brianna Bodin I miss Lake Superior! It is SO beautiful there! Cold but beautiful. πŸ’– So are loon feathers

    3. Dzseni Feka

      Rich Allen

  12. Jennifer Dewey

    Yes!! I have a mason jar filled ✨

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler


    2. Maritza Rodriguez

      That’s a great idea. 😊

    3. diaryofhermind

      Jennifer Dewey β€’ I never thought about anyone else doing this. My daughter and I do this, too! πŸ’žπŸ•Š

    4. geo_ neo9

      That is the past, only the now is love and to let go the key to the doorway is to let go.

  13. Jordan Serchuk

    I’ve been finding so many feathers lately! This is perfect timing.

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Yay! Glad to hear it πŸ˜‡πŸ’–βœ¨

    2. Lunar Eclipse

      @Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler Hello Miss. A 60 % Black 15 % Yellow and 25 Percent % Feather just Appeared in front of me flying at thigh height in a closed room with no fan or much air and then fell on the ground. What Could it mean ?
      Prior to that i was thinking about not dwelling in the negative aspects of the world and just thinking positive and staying away from negative news around the world which sucked most of my time and left me pretty deppressed and cynical.

      What do you think the feather symbolizes. I can’t find anywhere something about multicolored feather…

    3. Sue Clapton

      I found two white feathers in random places which I saved and put ito my car. My husband vaccumed them away the next day! Is this okay?

    4. Sue Clapton

      I was pretty angry but he thinks I m weird. I dont think I am weird! Mine are always white and soft, just lying there in random places where you would never expect them to be! Suddenely in the drive way, in a paddock and next to a tree and next to my bed on the floor. What does a purple feather mean?

  14. Maritza Rodriguez

    When I said angels give me a sign today. It was 222πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ™I love angelsπŸ‘ΌThank you Melanie❀❀❀

  15. Sheri Burke

    I find them all over. This morning, I opened my inside trash can and a feather flew out and floated around my kitchen! I don’t have birds inside…😊

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Awesome! πŸ’•βœ¨

    2. Arlene Jaramillo

      That’s amazing! Do you call on your angels often?

  16. Michael O'Rourke

    Angel’s please bring me a feather.πŸ•Š

  17. Adruma Victoria

    Yes, this morning I said good morning Micheal, at that very moment, a tiny object feel to the grass. I thought it might be a leaf from the tree. No, it was a tiny feather.


    A friend recently passed away. As I was standing outside, a feather fell from the sky. I caught it in my hand. There weren’t any trees close to where I was standing. It just came out of nowhere and rocked back and forth as it fell. It was so beautiful; Something out of a movie. Can you shed some light on what it could mean?

  19. Stephanie Djellali

    A big beutiful great horned owl was staring at me through my window, i went out side on my deck, eye level, to talk to him and he looked at me he didnt seem to be disturbed by me at all. He sat there for a moment, spead his wings and then sat a moment longer, then he flew off and he left me a feather😁 absolutly beautiful!!! Watching this feather float to the ground i ran to the bottom of the tree so exitedπŸ’ž


    i just found a feather im soo happy

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