Numerology: Understanding Your Mission

In science, numbers play a determining role to help us understand the universe.  Numerology  is how we can understand our role within the cosmos. From life lessons, through our potential and areas of personal growth, the date of our birth can give us indications of who we are and where do we go.

Numerology: We Are One With The All

Everything, even chaos, keeps an order. Numerology calculates our energy by finding the numerical keys implicit in our lives. Your name, your birthday, the birth order, even your address can give you clues about the path you are intending to follow. 

Way Of Life: The Hidden Number Of Your Date Of Birth

To know your numerology potential, you have to add the digits of the date of your birth. How? If you were born on April 16, 1986, you must add 16 + 04 + 1986 as follows:

(1 + 6) + (0 + 4) + (1 + 9 + 8 + 6) =

7 + 4 + (10 + 14) =

7 + 4 + (1 + 5) =

7 + 4 + 6 = 17= 8

Numerology: Each Number Brings A Lesson

Number 1: The leader

In numerology, number 1 marks the beginning. The people with the number 1 are the ones who light the flame, start the projects, and mark the way for others. They are somewhat individualistic, independent, and seek leadership positions. 

Number 2: Complementary

Collaborate, help, accompany, and cooperate. These are the keys to understanding a person whose path is defined by the number 2. Like the second child analyzes their parents’ interactions with the older brother, the number 2 analyze their environment to leave their imprint using their innate talents. 

Number 3: Creativity

Communicative, histrionic, expressive. People with the number 3 are in the world to fill it with beauty. Their creative abilities encompass a vast spectrum of talents for public speaking, drawing, singing… Generosity and magnetism are their gifts.

Number 4: Builders

After the creative outbreak that gives rise to everything known, it is time to put an order to chaos. Precision, rationality, and practicality are the tools with which 4 apprehends the world. Direct, sincere, and rational, they are the emperors of their universe. 

Number 5: Adaptability

Like water, the number 5 understand about adaptability, they take the form of the challenge they must tackle. Versatile, intelligent, irreverent, and imaginative, they are the travelers and iconoclasts of the family. 

Number 6: Educators

Caring for others, educating and nurturing are the passions of number 6. Their loving character helps them create an environment of trust and love around them. Friendly, generous, detailed-oriented are the keywords of this number. 

Number 7: Researchers

Delving into the depths, reflecting and going beyond appearances are the psychic powers of the number 7. Introspection, the ability to meditate and understand their surroundings are the attitudes that differentiate the number 7 from their peers. They are reserved, somewhat shy, and very observant. 

Number 8: Power

Wherever ‘there’s a group you will find an 8 organizing the activities and objectives of the pack. Their ability to design new plans and judge others characters makes them the chief par excellence. They have great willpower; they are idealistic and determined. 

Number 9: Idealists

They want to change the world. The kindness and love with which they treat others are admirable. Part of their mission is to learn to balance that tendency to sacrifice themselves. They help others without expecting anything in return; they are compassionate, selfless, and generous. 

Numbers: The Guide Of Your Destiny:

Do you want to know more about numbers as guides of your future? Learn how to calculate and help your friends understanding their role in this plane of existence? Discover all the energy around you and learn to use it in your favor, join us discovering the hidden power of numerology!

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