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Angels, Fertility, and Childbirth

Archangel Gabriel and Angel Lailah hold special correspondence surrounding fertility and conception.  It is said if you are having trouble conceiving a pregnancy to call upon Archangel Gabriel.  He is in charge of the fertility of all life forms on the planet.  Angle Lailah has been said to be the guardian of human souls. 

Once a soul has decided to descend to earth, Angel Lailah escorts the soul and plants it as a seed in the mother’s womb.  When the time comes for the baby to be born, the angel touches the baby’s upper lip, creating an indentation.  This is to remind the baby to keep the knowledge the angel has given it secret.

Angel Fertility Meditation

This is a simple Angel Meditation for fertility.  Begin by sitting in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  Relax and concentrate on your breathing.  Next, invoke the Archangel Gabriel.  You might find that there is a tingle, a soft touch, or a sense of warmth.  If you do not feel any of these things, try visualizing the Angel next to you. 

Tell the angel what is making you unhappy and ask for help.  Take your time.  Let the angel surround you with energy and feel it enter your whole body.  Breathe and relax.  When you are ready, thank the angel and open your eyes.  Take your time to ground yourself before standing up.

If the gender of a child is particularly important to you, take a little time to send out a request to the Archangel Sandalphon on the night of conception.  Ask the angel to help you become pregnant with the baby of whichever gender you wish for.  It is very important that you state why this is so important to you.

Easing Pregnancy and Childbirth

Angel Armisael is the angel who protects the baby while it is in the womb.  To call upon Angel Armisael to help ease a difficult pregnancy, there are some recommendations.  In the Talmud, it is recommended to recite Psalm 20 nine times.  If this is not effective, Angel Armisael can be invoked by saying aloud: “ I conjure you, Armisael, Angel who governs the womb, that you help this woman and the child in her body.”  The angel Temeluch is the protector of all children and their time of birth and in their early infancy.

The 70 Amulet Angels

An amulet containing the names of 70 angels who are traditionally invoked at the time of a mother giving birth, will protect both the mother and her newborn child from the evil eye and sorcery.  Some names are repeated:

Michael, Gabriel, raphael, Nuriel, Kidumiel, Malkiel, Tzadkiel, Padiel, Zumiel, Chafriel, Zuriel, Ramuel, Yofiel, Sturi (el), Gazreil, Udriel, Lahariel, Chaskiel, Rachmiel, Katzhiel, Schachniel, Karkiel, Ahiel, Chaniel, Lahal, Machiel, Shebniel, Rachsiel, Rumiel, Kadmiel, Kadal, Chachmiel, Ramal, Katchiel, Aniel, Azriel, Chachmal, Machnia, Kaniel, Griel or Grial, Tzrtak, Pfiel, Rachmiel, Sensenyha, Udrgazyia, Rsassiel, Ramiel, Sensenyha, Udrgazyia, Rsassiel, Ramiel, Sniel, Tahariel, Yezriel, Neria (h), Samchia (Samchiel), Ygal, Tsirya, Rigal, Tsuria, Psisya, Oriel, Smachia, Machnia, Kenunit, Yeruel, Tatrusia, Chaniel, Zechrel, Variel, Daniel, Gdiel or Gediel, Briel, Ahaniel.

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