Angels and Color

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Angel visions have long been associated with color.  Color can be described as the saturation and brightness of reflected light upon an object.  Angel visions can portray many color sensations through the human eye.  Over the centuries, artists have attempted to add to these visuals by adding color surrounding the angel figure or including multi-hued wings and halos.

Angles and the color White

Throughout the Bible, the color white has been used several times with association to angel presence.  For example, this angel is described in white in the recounting of the resurrection event found within the Gospels:  “And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it.  His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow.”  – Matthew 28:2-3.

Color Correspondence to Angel Rankings

Color correspondence has also been assigned to the different ranks of angels.  This reference has not been found in Biblical doctrine but has been established to help better visualize and distinguish among the orders of angels.  Many who have experienced visual visitations by angels have reported a feeling of a sensation of light. 

This light source has appeared in many different colors, the greatest being white.  It is said that when an angel descends to the earth, it brings with it the color of the heavens.  This can explain the strong association between bright light and the color white.

Color Correspondence to Specific Angels

Others who have had a close encounter or visitation by an angel have described viewing specific colors to the entire angel form.  These encounters were often described  as feeling a stronger sense of intensity.  The angel Raphael has been associated with the color green, to correspond with the healing of the earth. 

Gold is strongly connected to the Archangel Gabriel, to draw emphasis to his divine messages.  Archangel Michael is often portrayed in shades of blue to indicate his protection and solidarity to the heavens.  Blue has also been associated with him due to his peacock-like feathers associated with his form. 

In addition to  the colors reported associated with angels, we must also take into consideration each individual’s own unique perspective that comes forth during the visitation.  Each angelic encounter will be different, special, and unique.  One cannot designate a specific color to an angel or to all angelic beings. 

Color in Angel Art

We must remember many contemporary artists have added their own interpretations and depictions of angels in various colors around the globe.  These depictions often influence the idea that a certain color is “set in stone” for a particular angel.  The use of color constituted one of the most important elements in the proper painting of seraphs and cherub angels. 

Greater freedom was exercised in the creation of other angelic orders.  The oldest pictures, manuscripts, stained glass, and painted sculptures were very carefully considered in terms of the color scheme.  Although, gradually, the color scheme was less faithfully observed.

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