Archangels of the Four-God Forms

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Who are the Archangels of the Four-God Forms?

Traditional magic recognizes four archangelic entities located at the four quarters of the circle cross.  These archangelic beings have also been known as the four “God-forms”.  The archangel beings that make up the four god-forms are Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Auriel. These angels have often been substituted with other deities in Egyptian and Celtic traditions.

Descriptions of Archangels of the Four-God Forms

The four God-forms are said to be essentially asexual.  Although, it is said that it is up to the individual person to determine what feels right in relation to how they relate to the God-forms’ as asexual, masculine, or feminine in nature.  For example,  Archangel Gabriel has often been given feminine and Goddess qualities.  Some have preferred to associate the God forms with the Native British tradition of associations.

Archangel Raphael has been described as a young yellow-orange figure with sharp and intelligent eyes.  He wears a short Grecian-style tunic for ease of movement.  In another guise he is Mercury, the God of travel.  Raphael carries a large sword emblazoned on his cloak in a caduceus.  Archangel Raphael corresponds with the direction of the east.  His native British association is Merlin.

Archangel Michael is described as being clad in the colors of fire.  He is golden-haired, strong, and radiant.  He wears a breastplate emblazoned with a lion’s head.  Archangel Michael carries a spear or wand of fire.  Archangel Michael corresponds with the direction of the south.  His native British association is Arthur.

Archangel Gabriel is described as wearing robes in shades of blue and violet.  His face is pale with deep-set features.  He carries a silver goblet.  Archangel Gabriel corresponds with the direction of the west.  His native British association is Vivienne.

Archangel Auriel is described as being dressed in the colors of nature.  The long robes he wears are made up of olive-green, brown, citrine, and russet colors.  He carries a shield representing a portion of the earth’s curvature.  Archangel Auriel corresponds with the direction of the north.  His native British association is Morgana.

Working with the Archangels of the four God-Forms

You can connect with the Archangels of the four God forms through traditional magic on a very basic level.  For example, in magic circles, standing and facing the south while you use a match to light a candle, you can invoke Archangel Michael.  Visualizing his appearance can also help you effectively connect with his being, even if there is no immediate or profound response.  By invoking the archangels of the four God-forms, we are sending out a signal that at some point will be answered by them.  It has been said the archangels can judge by the quality of the signal we send outward and decide if they want to associate with us and help us.

Another more complex theory tells us that these Angelic God-forms can be viewed as personifications of the qualities within our own psyches.  By energizing these angelic God-forms, with the highest aspects of ourselves, we are in effect sending out a signal to the inner worlds.

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