Elementals, Fairies, Devas, and Angel Connections

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According to Theosophists, the cosmos is populated with a vast array of spiritual entities.  Here we will explore these classes of entities, their corresponding attributes, how they evolve, and their connection to angels.  


The term element is usually associated with chemical components.  According to the ancient Greeks, this term referred to the four classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire.  It seems that by these “elements’ ‘ the ancients meant “states of matter”:  solid, gas, liquid, and (for lack of a better term) energy. 

The Western occult tradition has taught that these “states” are the result of the activity of small, invisible spirits termed elementals.  Some branches of occult thought believe these elementals are soulless. 

Other believers teach that elementals are conscious life forms that can evolve into fairies and devas.  The task of the elementals, like that of the nature devas, is to build up forms on the natural world, thus providing an arena in which other beings, such as human souls, can evolve spiritually.

Elemental Beings, Corresponding Elements, and Ruling Archangels

Gnomes– Earth element- Uriel

Undines– Water element- Gabriel

Sylphs– Air element- Raphael

Salamanders– Fire element- Michael


Fairies have been described as a kind of nature spirit and are found all throughout the world.  They have been depicted as small humanoid beings with wings.  In this regard, they can be thought of as mini angels.  Unlike angels however, fairies can be more concerned with the natural processes in nature. 

They do not usually seek out human contact but will if they take a liking to someone.  Often, fairies have been described as playful and mischievous beings.

The interaction between humans and fairies throughout the ages is explored as themes throughout Katharine Brigg’s Encyclopedia of Fairies, (1976):  fairy borrowing, fairy thefts, dependence of fairies upon mortals, fairy brides, fairy loans. 

A close examination of this folklore makes some of the proposed theories, such as the notion that fairy lore is a residual memory of interactions with a more primitive race, seem plausible.

We can explore the fairy-angel connection through certain aspects of Theosophy.  Theosophy draws upon philosophical thought from China, India, and the works of the Gnostics. 

At the foundation of Theosophy is a teaching of “Spiritual evolution”, which portrays human souls as developing their inner potentials, freeing themselves from matter, and returning to the Source of all, all while expanding their consciousness. 


According to Theosophy’s teachings, the different realms of existence are populated with many different types of spiritual entities.  A significant class of these entities is referred to as the Devas.  Devas is a Sanskrit term for the demigods of Hinduism and Buddhism. 

In Theosophical thought, these devas are equivalent to angels.  Like angels, they function as guardian spirits.  They oversee natural forces and are responsible for building up forms on inner planes as well as on the physical plane. 

It is also thought that some devas possess a human soul who, through the process of reincarnation, evolved into higher spiritual beings.  Other students of Theosophy believe that devas are on a separate evolutionary path and are prototypes of angels.

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