Guided Morning Meditation – 8 Minutes to Start Your Day!

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You are currently viewing Guided Morning Meditation – 8 Minutes to Start Your Day!

Start your day off right with Positive energy by listening to this guided 8-Minute Morning Meditation!

Do this every morning to feel clarity, space, and openness in your mind. 

Feel love, warmth, openness in your heart. 

Stay open as you embark on this path of living this day, in sync with your inner truth of joy, peace, and love.

Calling forth and living in alignment with the highest and best possibilities for your day ahead.

For the next 7 days, listen to this short morning meditation first thing, before you start your day…

And notice the incredible difference it makes by taking this short amount of time out to set the tone to your day, and to connect yourself with peace and light before you start your day.

This meditation encourages you to focus your energy on the center of your heart, creating an opening into your inner world by which your central core of light is illuminated. As the energy circulation flows, it opens you to the highest divine possibilities for this day and for your life.
Feel like you struggle to quiet your mind in meditation?

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