High Vibrational Cleanse With The Violet Flame

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Give yourself the gift of an instant energy shift! Clear, cleanse and lift your vibration with support from your team of guides and angels in Spirit.

Step into the light of the violet flame to cleanse and transmute distorted energies and negativity in your field so you can brightly shine in alignment with Divine I AM … Truth.

The Violet Flame is powerful! Learn more about it here:

Prefer to read? Read this channeled message transcribed for you here:

This Meditation is Gifted to you, channeled by Melanie Beckler, meditation music and video created by Frederic Jean-Yves Perez – Sounds Of Light, you can check out more of Frederic’s High Vibe music on his YouTube channel here:

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Listen to a 5 Minute Violet Flame Meditation here:

Experience The Light of the Violet Flame With Help From the Angels here:

With love and violet light,


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