Instantly Open Your Third Eye With This Powerful 3rd Eye Meditation!

You are currently viewing Instantly Open Your Third Eye With This Powerful 3rd Eye Meditation!

This Powerful Third Eye Meditation Opens Your Third Eye and Activates Your Pineal Gland for you so you can see and perceive in the higher realms of Spirit.

For best results listen daily for at least 7 days! Each time you listen to your 3rd Eye will open and activate more…

This meditation works! It’s just up to you to relax, allow, and tune in through relaxed awareness to invite your next level of 3rd Eye-Opening In!

Background music is by Thaddeus….channeled by Sanaya Roman …

In this video, we dive straight into the mediation…

But if you’d like a little more of a mental framework first to better understand how this Third Eye Awakening Meditation works and what you will experience, check out this video where I teach more about How to Open Your Third Eye and the mechanics behind this powerful meditation:

These two videos work together… So I HIGHLY recommend you watch both!

Not sure if this is working for you?

With love and bright blessings,


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  1. Gurudra - Emotional Health & Peace

    It is the birthright of every human being to experience such beautiful dimensions in this lifetime

    1. Liliane Desjardins

      0Thank you Melanie for being my angel for the past 16 months. Thank you for being a clear channel and for delivering such powerful tools and confirmation.

    2. Elsa Vinic

      I agree with you all of us are on this earth to learn many things and learned from each other.

    3. Elsa Vinic

      In deed thanks for replying. By the way i love your videos this is the 1st time in your channel i am writing my 1st book and you inspired me to keep writing it thanks again.

    4. Save The Lost

      Gurudra – Emotional Health & Peace You need to repent!! Follow Jesus not new age practices that is doctrines of demons! repent and follow Jesus not new age!! New age will lead you to hell !!

    5. Rj Henderson

      Is it dangerous to let a baby listen to this curious btw

  2. Doug Potosky

    Another way live a honest and real life. Be nice to others! Help others! That is the real way to open your heart ! In return many amazing things can happen. I even have friends who do every thing there Gururs say to do. But they tell me it’s not working. The real work is how you live you life everyday! How you treat others. Yes! mediation can help. Ok!! Now your third eye is open. Now what do you do? I know so many people into all this. Like going to a weekend workshop. You leave and feel great. Then a few weeks ot less time. Your back into the same patterns! It’s not permanent! That’s the point I am trying to make. I have so much more to say. But I hope maybe I made one point someone can relate to. I am just tired of so many people putting on a false face in the name of Love! Peace&Light too everyone! Please try to find your own path. It’s the only true one! Because it will be yours!

    1. Candice Woodland

      Wow, thank you so much for writing this, you are so right. It is mainly how we treat other, and help others and so forth. Is it about being a divine agent to help spread love and light from your heart which doesn’t take a lot but just to be kind or even put a smile or someone face. Opening your third eye does come from opening your heart, and opening your heart comes from the desire to want to help our planet, animals, and one another❤ thank you again for reminding me

    2. Ben Oge

      You are totaly right, thats how i opened mine, walking in path of righteousness,be grateful to God, be satisfy with your life, no ego, no pride, treat others equally,no jelousness and show love to everything around you. This type of life style and meditation will open up your 3rd eyes. My life is totaly different since i opened up my 3rd eyes, i no longer care about money, career and status.we must embrace spirituality because we are all spirit having a human experience here on earth. Discipline is the key. Thank God for his spiritual blessing.

    3. Lisbet Jære

      Thank you for your wisdom, honesty and love. You have an important message for the world, and I wish you good luck in sharing it!

    4. Ingegerd Therese Sorrell

      Doug Potosky ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    5. Doug Potosky

      @Lisbet Jære Thank You! All my knowledge comes from experience. My inward journey started very young. Did not talk until I was 5. Because of speech problems. I was picked on and made fun of. At 15-16 my dad was very sick and then died. All those years I had to dig deeper inside to try and find some peace inside. Because I had none outside. Right after my dad passed away. Walking home from work alone. A light and amazing love entered me. From that day on I became one with the light and Love of God. Maybe someday we will have a talk. I do a lot of the hard work in life. To help others the planet and life! I can see that connection to God and Love. Seems to be in my work. Believe this! I had the closing photo of the 9/11 exhibit at the Smithsonian. I have no! Training or schooling. I shoot photography with the spirit or call it God. Please stay in touch! Stay.with the Light!

  3. Metaphysical Mike

    I am speechless
    111 likes and one dislike
    What are the chances?
    Thank you for this powerful meditation Melanie

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Divine timing! I actually saw 777 views too! ✨💜☀️🙏☀️💜✨

    2. Kaynos

      At this point in my awakening i’m seeing a crazy amount of 111, 333 and 444. When i have to go out (for work) i’m like playing a game with my angels, the game of what you gonna show me today ? When it happen, and it happen almost everyday i just laugh and thank them. One example, i’m a bus driver and while waiting to start a route my eyes randomly focus on the the bus odometer and it was at 134444.4 !!!! What are the chances like you said yourself ?

    3. Kholood Alhrbi

      Metaphysical Mike is it normal too see 777 every where ?

  4. Claudine Orr

    WOW that was the most beautiful mediation, I’ve ever experienced. Many thanks Melanie, Love & Light

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Ah I’m so grateful to hear that!~


  5. Terence 'Tree' Lowery

    “”Oh You Skeptics and Naysayers,
    Never ride your horse so high
    That you miss baby Jesus
    As he passes you bye.”

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler


    2. Don Mccoy

      Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler just found out I am a earth angel . Can you see energy I would love a reading with you!!

  6. Suchitra Rathnam-Balaji

    Wishing you a 2020 of Prosperity, Luminosity and so many Blessings. 🙏💞🎶

  7. Missterious Misstress

    Thank you for releasing this now.

  8. Amethyst Moon

    I don’t really understand the negative comments. If something doesn’t resonate for you in one way or the other don’t do it then. Melanie is simply trying to offer what works for her. I believe that is the place in which we all can speak from. Don’t knock something until you try it. Its all about perspective, intention and belief. Whatever you believe will exist for you within your reality. Why knock someone who has so much potential to offer us, what works for her or where she is being lead to direct us? Obviously it’s for a reason. I haven’t done any practice from Melanie that hasn’t worked. It could honestly be my belief in her and being held by the wings of the Angels. Anyway, I don’t agree with the negativity and I soulfully and truthfully believe in Melanie’s work otherwise I would not be here wasting anyones time. I understand a differing of opinions and perspectives and there is a way to get your questions answers or your voice heard without doing it in a demeaning way. We need to be open to the possibilities of the tools being placed on our path for a reason. Open your heart and keep in mind that everyone is only existing at the level in which they are. There are layers, levels and demensions that are just waiting to for us to be open to and ready to explore. Don’t stifle your growth or the growth within someone else because of your own belief system. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the next but you will never truly know until you try. Is anyone here an expert in the opening of the third eye?….didn’t think so. Moving forward….please everyone-be kind!

    1. Theresa Campbell

      Amethyst Moon I love your comment and you really helped me deal with some
      Negative backlash I got from praising Melanie!!! I had to reach out and say thank you!!! You may not have even been referring to my comment or the reaction but it helped me a lot. Had to say thank you!!! Many blessings to you!!!! ❤️

    2. Amethyst Moon

      @Theresa Campbell Hello Beautiful, it has honestly been quite sometime since I left that comment. I remember sticking up for someone and at the same time trying to validate Melanies worth to those who are questioning it. It made my heart sad the negativity I was seeing. I hope life is treating u kind. Thank you so much for taking time to comment. That means the World to me! Bless you always and in ALL ways!! ❤🌞💞🤙👊🥰🌬

  9. kinggeorgethestupid

    I have anxiety and your voice is so comforting- I have a hard time concentrating but I find myself able with your help. Thank you for taking the time to help. ❤️

  10. ColdFront79 !

    My first time trying meditation and I can honestly say I’m feeling like it’s going to help me and my awakening, thank you very much!

  11. Theresa Campbell

    I have been on my spiritual journey since my mom passed away almost 7 years ago. I have been doing SO much research on the 3rd eye. Thousands of meditations and I haven’t seen or felt anything…….. UNTIL TODAY!!!! OMG am I a believer of the 3rd eye 👁!!! The 1st thing I saw was purple and gold and at the very end you said you might have seen the colors purple and gold. When I finally relaxed I was able to open my 3rd eye and I realized I was in my moms old apartment where I used to live with her when our daughter was first born. I completely forgot what that house looked like on the inside until this meditation!!! My mind is absolutely blown. I hope everyone reads this and listens to this. I did this in a hot bath with Himalayan Salt, I had my favorite crystals with me and I lite candles and said an intention for that candle. My intention was to start living for myself, this a a new year and I have to make myself happy!!! I hope and pray you all have the same experience. Please comment back to me if you do or if there is something else I could try or do differently. Many blessing!!!! 🙏🏻 ❤️


      @Theresa Campbell To open your third eye.

    2. Save The Lost

      Theresa Campbell You need to repent!! Follow Jesus not new age practices that is doctrines of demons! repent and follow Jesus not new age!! New age will lead you to hell !!

    3. Theresa Campbell

      Save The Lost I do love Jesus and I truly feel in my heart that if I close my eyes and I have a vision which included my mother who is in heaven I shouldn’t have to repent. As a God fearing man like yourself you would think you would be a lot kinder and respectful and could have commented a lot nicer then that. One should not judge but help guide, but I have nothing but forgiveness and if you would like to discuss religion further I have no problem with that. Melanie discusses religion a lot in her meditations and praying especially to the archangels. I will say a prayer for you and your family. ❤️

    4. Save The Lost

      Theresa Campbell me and you judge everyday think about it, you judge what your going to wear and what your going to eat. I said this to help because I love you and I don’t want you to lose your soul. Look up Stephen bancarz I feel his videos will help you see. Please don’t think I was attacking you I just want to help out. God bless you sister have a great night 😌

    5. Theresa Campbell

      Save The Lost ok hun well thank you and yes I will look up those video. Thank you and I’m sorry if I came off harsh. I get like that when someone challenges my love for my God. Have a good nite.

  12. Amanda Tally

    I’ve never tried opening my third eye or anything like that. So I just did this meditation the first time through and the space between my brows was throbbing like crazy and a bit painful. Pretty wild.

    1. Annemarie Stilwell

      So was mine!!!!!

  13. Holly G

    This was amazing and powerful. It took me a bit to really feel the energy until almost the end but wow!!! I can only imagine how i will feel after the 7 days. My body was absolutely tingling with beautiful energy 💖💖💖💖. Thank you thank you 🙏 thank you

  14. Jayson Wackes

    Should I watch this in the dark

  15. Debbie Janos

    At first when I focus on my 3rd eye area, I did feel pressure and warmth. Then it lessen once we ask our Angels to come in. I was able to go deep and started to see all purple and the gold was like looking at a lava lamp, the shape floated around and changed shapes. At one point I did see a bright white light like a needle shape. I love working on my 3rd eye since I had a pineal activation and was told my 3rd eye was fully open. Thank you

  16. Lexy Art

    Actually shocked never seen so much purple light before doing this meditation. Unexplainable

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Thats awesome! Explainable though… You’re tuning into your third eye!


    First day for me! 2020 is the year that my third eye open! Thank you Melanie!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  18. Matthew Norris

    I just tried this for the first time, I was able to see a small golden sun like sphere. Witch then kinda turned into clouds I was trying to follow it around. Just needed to relax and let it flow. I was definitely in a meditative state for the first in my life. I’m excited to try this again 🙂

    1. Matthew Norris

      Update: Had another successful meditation this time i was able to see purple. It was hard to tell sometimes if I was looking straight through my third eye or if my eyes were open. It felt surreal enough for me 🙂

    2. Matthew Norris

      While doing this meditation, I see a golden aura. I let go and it’s like I’m in this tunnel vision. This circle void is pulling images toward it. If I’m not focused on the circle I can see energy just swirling about. Should I focus on the circle void or should I let the energy do it’s thing?

  19. Brooke Berumen

    I’ve been going to sleep with this lately and last night I astrotravled 😭

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Are those happy tears?