Light & Sound Bath Meditation with Archangel Michael

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Relax and Recharge with Divine Light, Frequency, and Angelic Sound in this brief and yet POWERFUL Archangel Michael Meditation by Melanie Beckler.

In this meditation, Archangel Michael leads you in a meditation to open your crown chakra and root chakra and receive an infusion of light from the crystalline core of the Awakened Earth below and the Infinite Light of Source above. This light bath connects to your light within, allowing it to flow freely, and opens your heart to the highest divine possibilities available to you now.

Sound bath music channeled by Sanaya Roman with her guide Thaddeus.

Angels reside in a higher dimensional realm that is somewhat finer and lighter than our physical reality… But by attuning your awareness inward, you are able to tune into the angelic realm to receive the love, light and healing frequency available to you now!

Then… with practice and intention you can learn to clearly see, hear, sense and know the presence of Archangel Michael and of your guardian angels who are always ready and available to support and guide you in your life.

Simply relax and listen to this Archangel Michael Meditation to start attuning to the angelic realm and to experience powerful relaxation and stress relief!

As you listen your energy will be cleansed and life force will circulate, empowering you to vibrationally lift, and open to become aware of the angelic realm and the higher levels of love, light and truth now available to you.

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  1. Mario Colindres

    I love and enjoy the light harvest being restoring MANHOOD and allowing family to flourish oh wonderful thank you for the sitting from the comfort of my home to yours.

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