2020 Life Lessons: Karma, Hope & Healing

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2020 is the year our world will change.

And you yet might see it coming.

The day I am writing this post, January 12, 2020, two power planets Saturn and Pluto are meeting up at 22 degrees, (alongside their trickster friend Mercury). This is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction the world is talking about.

You hear about planets being conjunct all the time. So what makes this so special?

Saturn and Pluto are slow moving planets. Their meeting brings long-term implications affecting society as a whole. This doesn’t mean they won’t affect you personally. (Anyone who’s ever experienced their Saturn Return between the ages of 28 and 30 knows that you WILL feel these planets’ energy in your life!).

Yet, the effects of this celestial connection will bring permanent and lasting changes that will transform the world forever.

The last time Saturn and Pluto met up in Capricorn was 1518 – the year of the Protestant Reformation.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld. Capricorn rules the structures of our lives including government, our economy, authority figures, and even our bones.

Pluto is unearthing the shadow side of Capricorn. Saturn is the task master forcing us to come to terms with our unconscious actions. This is why he’s known as the Lord of Karma.

It’s time to get real. Very real.

These planets are teaching us about reality itself. There are things we want to sweep under the rug. There are uncomfortable truths of our lives that have previously been too inconvenient to think about, yet we need to come to terms with them.

We’d like not to think about where all that plastic goes, but we have to wake up to how we are polluting the planet.

We like to stay in our little empath bubbles and not think about the divisiveness of politics, but when our world leaders are destroying our democracy and our planet, it becomes a very real and relevant. Especially if you care about what we are leaving for our children.

Of course, there are areas of our personal lives we’d like to “think about later” as well. These planets are holding you accountable.

The beauty of this is that the truth will set you free. This isn’t a platitude, it’s universal law!

Today, during this powerful celestial connection, think about how you can take some tangible steps to be more real in your life. What have you been avoiding because you’d rather not deal with confrontation or change?

Do some journaling. Have a chat with your Higher Self and I know you’ll have some beautiful revelations.

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  1. Moonlight Messenger

    Thank you! I wanted to tell you I finally made a tarot channel last year you have inspired me to share my work.

    I didn’t expect that it has been a working healing for me with so much to break through. I am working on confidence and using The energy to let go and get creative!

    1. Kari Samuels

      SQUEEEEE! That’s so exciting!! Congratulations!!

    2. Moonlight Messenger

      Thank you 🙏😊

  2. Hillary Banks Self

    10:50 is potent medicine. ✨Thank You! ❤️

    1. Kari Samuels

      Yes! Taking back your energy!

  3. Katie Garner

    Mind. Blown. 🤯 “if you’re constantly taking on other people’s energy, or constantly taking on responsibility that belongs to someone else, you’re creating your own karma.” And Mic drop 🎤 💥 my friend, you just changed my life’s perception

    1. Kari Samuels

      I’m so glad you found it helpful!

    2. Katie Garner

      Kari Samuels I absolutely did! Thank you so much sweet soul. My spirit guides led me to this video and I can now see why! Sending love your way! 🙏

    3. Kari Samuels

      @Katie Garner Awesome, I love our Guides!

  4. Maurice Powers

    I wish I could sign up for your event!! This video is so awesome!!! Thank you , Kari💖🌟

    1. Kari Samuels

      So glad you find this helpful!

  5. Kate Rogers

    Yes very important day. So many occurrences since Friday. Full moon is still rising.

  6. Amelie Sp

    Thank you Kari – I loved the topic you were speaking about: I had to learn this a couple of years ago, that saving the world alone – as noble it sounds – doesn’t do much to the overall situation in the moment and creates more pain for me. It might stirr and shake things up. But it’s way better to be doing this with friends and a team. I had to learn to step back because everything came crashing down. But I guess this is a path that many have to go through and realise that you achieve more when you, at first, start working on your own happiness. Thanks so much again Kari, you are fabulous today!

  7. Thomas D

    Thank you very much Kari!

  8. Divine Divine

    Thank you Kari. Love your smile and words <3 What you say is true. I'm learning to take more responsibility for my own life, and step into my power. I don't watch TV and news since 2017, sometimes someone shares and I know, it's harsh to watch that, it breaks my heart. I used to be like Greta when I was 14, 16 and then I realized that people around didn't listen and I was speaking through fear of future consequences. Nowadays I'm doing it differently, stepping into my heart and speaking my truth in a kind but strong way. Helping people to connect with higher forces and Gaia <3

  9. Sayak Kundu

    Thank you for the empowering words
    the first.thing I will.do from.tomorrow is change my room to change my energy

  10. Roxanne M.

    OMG! Thank you for this message! And I STILL find many involved in this quasi-spiritual New Age not understanding and apologizing for not getting involved “in politics!” Your very sane and very wise explanation of what this very Capricornian year is, and what is required of us all, is just majestic. So well said! If they fear by watching the news, then that is perhaps what they need to work on. They are already in fear, and it will not subside by not watching very specific information and participating. There is no need to spend the whole day in it!

    Denial is, as I see it, the most insidious emotional issue we humans have to deal with. It’s not mass hysteria as psychology falsely say. Which is based on old ideas before WWII. Denial might just hand out the country to the ones wanting authoritarianism for the benefit of the very few. And this thing is real when it happens — every time— VERY REAL. Most people don’t know who and what introduced the New Age Positivist movement. But I will not be believed if I say. Specially ordered to quell the passion WOMEN have for human rights and the truth. I know r, how cynical of me. 💜

    Your explanation is true esoteric knowledge explained in a very simple straight forward way for us to understand. This just made me trust more that not everyone in the New Age carries pseudo-true spiritual knowledge. So well explained. 👍👍

  11. Buffy V

    I love this message- one of the main issues I have with so many folks in the spiritual community is their decision to not engage in anything outside of the spirit realm, not watching the news or involving themselves with the greater problems of 3D life so as to not lower their frequency. I find this both irresponsible and incredibly selfish as Gaia and the folks that are suffering on it don’t have the luxury of looking the other way, not to mention this not being practical as we all live in a body on this planet. I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to do something and to be engaged in whatever capacity we feel comfortable with while we are here.

    1. Keith Dibley

      Its only right that you take first step to help others
      You 1st then you can help many more .(selfishness a word with changed ahh american engl slang — get it ? Its learned ,no energy better eat cause you:::””” are not helping anyone dead, so im far from being any professional but lets get along thanks

  12. Vivienne Antal

    Thank you Kari for this important message. I love you for all you do and for who you are. Your messages are crucial for me.

  13. KaBundan369

    Absolutely, Totally, Totally Agree, Kari. The masterful Human/Soul has mastered & embodied BEing in 5D & 3D simultaneously, as required. It’s interesting also that the distinction between Organic 3D & Inverted 3D has been drawn to facilitate understanding this process (Franco DiNicola). Many Blessings 💜💖🌟✨💫

  14. J 9

    Thank you Kari, for the divine message! Getting raw and real, time to heal! Blessings! 🌞 🌚 👼

  15. wayne peake

    I fall into that category…
    Weird, greek tragedy type of way

  16. Donna Bryan

    Medically intuitive … thank you as always. So embrace your share for 2020, Kari <3

  17. Jamie Lee Kedigh


  18. Allanah Mills

    “Human sickness is so severe that few can bear to look at it. But those who do will become well” – Vernon Howard

  19. Michele Redd

    Thank you so much, my heart is so full from listening to your divine messages! I came to your channel thru my guides!

    1. Kari Samuels

      I’m so glad you found your way here. Guides are amazing!!

  20. Katie Maniaci

    We’re pretty dense down here. HA!

  21. Shirley Ching

    Thank you so much for your Devine messages and your guidance is valuable especially in this chaotic situation that we are confronting these days in Hong Kong and please advise what we should do

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