6 online communities about astrology you should join

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6 online communities about astrology

Joining an online community about Astrology is a great way to help you connect with like- minded people who also share your interest in Astrology. It is also a great way to learn about Astrology. Not all online communities have the same rules or work the same way.  Some offer free access, while others require membership fees. However, most online communities provide you an outlet for questions, discussions and engagements. Let’s look at some online communities about Astrology that are available for you to join.

1.       Astrologers’ Community @ astrologyweekly.com is a forum where you can engage with other Aspiring Astrology seekers of all different origins and backgrounds.  You can also ask for help reading your Birth Chart. All you must do is create a free account and sign in. Forum topics include; Natal Astrology, Modern Astrology, Traditional Astrology, Horary Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Predictive Astrology, Relational Astrology and more.  

2.        The Star Community– Created by Astrologer Debra Silverman, she offers a paid membership site that helps connect you with other Astrology lovers, Astrology insights, wisdom and guidance.  Some of the membership benefits are: daily videos on where the moon is, month at a glance plus retrograde and eclipse videos, access to members-only content, live astrology workshops, and regular Live Q & A Sessions with Debra describing the sign of the month. 

3.       Association for Young Astrologers – this site, youngastrologers.org, offers a social networking community for aspiring astrologers and those interested in learning more about Astrology. There they can connect with mentors and peers. Members gain access to free educational resources, scholarships to astrology conferences and much more. They offer two different paid subscription levels.

4.       New Paradigm Astrology – @ newparadigmastrology.com, offers access to an online Astrology community of over 1000 other Astrology students from around the world. There are several different subscription options to choose from.   The site is credited to Kaypacha, an Astrologer and Spiritual practitioner with over 40 years of experience. As a community member, you can talk with him in the discussion forum. The best option for just starting out is the monthly access subscription option.  With this option, you will have access to the forums plus hundreds of Astrology courses. If you decide to upgrade, the six -month option includes discounts on readings, four free Astrology videos monthly, and access to extra freebies and events. 

5.       OPA @ opaastrology.org – The Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) is a non-profit organization that helps further the advancement and study of Astrology.  They offer an online discussion page on Facebook you can join for free. They also offer a paid membership full of many perks. Their membership supports beginners, intermediate and advanced Astrology students.  As a member, you get free presentations on conference calls every month. You get a quarterly magazine, Career Astrologer, with new and up to date Astrology articles. You also get access to the OPA Café online discussion.  This is an opportunity to share and engage in conversations with other members. You can also participate in peer group work, which can lead to OPA certification. As an OPA member, you also get invited to the annual OPA retreat. This retreat includes workshops.

6.       Astrology Explorers Group – this is a free Facebook group with 19.7 thousand members.  Mentorship is available from many experienced professionals within the field. The group assists with Natal Chart Analysis.

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