Astrology and Elements: Air Signs

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Astrology is full of details, symbols, and interconnections that for some border on being magic. Today we will unveil some of the essential mysteries to understand the connection between astrology and elements. We will discover one by one all the secrets of the Air signs.

Air signs, which are they?

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the three air signs of the western horoscope. Free, independent, and with a great capacity to communicate, air signs are unstoppable. Unlike other signs that can be carried away by melancholy or ego, air signs can’t be stopped by anything. They are adaptable and optimistic people.

For air signs, each problem represents a learning opportunity. And oh, boy, do they love to learn! For air signs, logic is everything. It is not difficult to find them in teaching, innovation, or positions of scientific development, nor is it difficult to find them in the wildest party you have ever seen. They are like that; versatile.

Air signs: Breath of life

Until the moment of our birth, we live in the darkness. Coming into the world, taking that first breath of air implies separating ourselves from our mother, understanding our vulnerability. Maybe that’s why we cry. Air is an element that symbolizes freedom, reason, and intelligence. 

That ability to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, that weightless, almost ethereal quality to expand gives air signs many talents. The air allows the flame of a candle to shine or go off at will. 

Air signs: Characteristics and traits

They’re independent, reluctant to commit, and cerebral. Those are the main characteristics of air signs. People born under air signs aren’t difficult to understand; they are only difficult to handle. They can communicate and express everything they think and feel but without any filters. They are also able to monologue for hours.

Air signs live in their mind, and as such, they have a hard time connecting with the emotions of others. Prone to self-absorption, reflection, and abstract thinking, they prefer not to be caught in emotional dramas – they don’t understand them. They don’t suffer from the intensity of a water sign; they look for solutions… and find them.

Air Signs Keywords:

• Sociable

• Friendly

• Communicative

• Extroverts

• Funny

• Dynamic

• Open-minded

• Undecided

• Rational

• Smart

• Ingenious

• Independent

• Sincere

• Adventurers

• Versatile

Air signs and Love:When in love, someone born under any of the air signs will want to spend the whole day talking with you, learning everything about you, going to the Opera together… And then, all of a sudden, they will disappear for two weeks. Have they stopped loving you? Nope! Do they lose their interest? Not really, it’s just that they are also very interested in themselves. People from these signs need to feel free, and they will fight for that right whenever they feel trapped.

The secret for winning the heart of a person from an air sign:

Give them space! If you want to keep a person from Gemini, Libra or Aquarius in your life, the best way is to let them know that they can leave whenever they like. Feeling trapped, visiting in-laws during holidays, and planning a life together is not a great way to start for them. It might surprise you, but making them “suffer” a little, working their way to your heart is a much better strategy.

Remember: they don’t speak the “emotional language” fluently. Air signs are all about words, but, like anyone, they need more than words to feel special. Give them a great book, discuss together the new theories on dark matter and dark energy, lay down with them to look at the stars, and they will lose the urge to flee.

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