Astrology and Elements: Earth Signs

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Astrology is full of details, symbols, and interconnections that for some border on being magic. Today we will unveil one of the essential mysteries to understand the connection between astrology and elements. We will discover one by one all the secrets of the Earth signs.

Earth signs, which are they?

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the three earth signs. Governed by the earth element, earth signs understand reality in a way that can stun their most idealistic counterparts. For earth signs, material and financial security is everything. This quality makes them tireless workers, and, to be honest, a little superficial.

But don’t judge them, they are only seeking their well-being and that of their loved ones. Backpacking around the world? That’s not the first option for earth signs. Their vision of adventure it is more related to visiting an island, enjoying local cuisine, and bringing back fridge magnets. That is their idea of ​​adventure, enjoying a well-deserved rest of their 9 to 5 stable life accomplished with almost military discipline.

Earth signs: Down to Earth

From the moment a seed touches the ground until it becomes a tree, infinite processes happen to make it grow. In its core, the earth patiently hide a creative, and volatile capacity. Even lava is contained until the pressure shoots it to the sky in a burst of strength and power.

Earth represents the material world in which we thrive. Earth gives us prosperity, wealth, and sustenance, but only if we cultivate it… Mother Earth can be kind and abundant, or arid and desert, and everything in between. Is it up to you to work to transform those circumstances and reach your goals, what will you do now?

Earth signs: Characteristics and traits

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), are characterized by being the most stable and cautious of the zodiac. Earth signs are governed for their goals, leaving their emotions aside. They always have their obligations in mind. Also, they can easily sacrifice themselves for what they believe due to their high sense of duty. 

The people born under Earth signs aren’t fans of taking risks, nor reckless, and they always try to have everything under control. They appear somewhat distant at the beginning of their relationships, and they won’t let everyone to enter into their lives. When it comes to building relationships, Earth signs natives will look for like-minded people in terms of values ​​and life goals. They seek to establish reliable, stable, and long-term relationships.

Earth Signs Keywords:

• Stubbornness

• Materialistic

• Methodic

• Disciplined

• Perseverance

• Workers

• Reliable

• Pragmatic

• Patience

• Prudence

• Obsessive

• Inflexible

Earth signs and Love:

Earth signs are spiritually predisposed to build stable homes. If they love you, they will do their best to create a future together. Sensual and self-confident, they have a great ability to love and satisfy their partners. They are the kind of lovers who want to know every desire you have, and then they want to make it real for you at any cost. They take everything seriously, so they won’t make any move without being 100% sure of the outcomes.

The secret for winning the heart an Earth sign person:

They are all about facts. So, save your words, sonnets, and love songs. Earth signs want to see concrete demonstrations of your feelings. They want commitment, loyalty, and perseverance. Make them a public scene, forget to pick up the phone or worst of all, cheat on them and they will walk away in a heartbeat. Earth signs are homely, the marrying kind sort of speak, and they would love to keep it that way if you reciprocate.

They know very well what they want and how much they need to work to get it. Earth signs also know that they have a high sex appeal. Earth signs realize they are quite a catch, so, don’t mess with their feelings, be honest and kind, and you will have got a partner of a lifetime.

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