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Astrology is full of details, symbols, and interconnections that for some border on the magical. Today, we will unveil one of the essential mysteries to understand the connection between astrology and the classical elements. We will discover one by one all the secrets of the water signs.

Water signs, which are they?

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the three water signs of the Western horoscope. Those born under a water sign are deeply connected with their emotions. However, each water sign experiences them in different ways. Like water, their feelings can overflow and spill, so they have to make a great effort to contain their tears whether they are happy, sad, or both.

Water signs: Drops of Wisdom

Millions of years ago, water was the medium in which the first life forms on earth originated. We also float in the amniotic fluid until birth. Water is a source of energy, and in the world of symbology embodies the unconscious realm.

Whales as spirit animals represent that ability to furrow the most hidden and repressed emotions. They represent our ancestral link with the spiritual world. Water signs know that waves can be home to dolphins, but also to the Kraken. Everything depends on the tide.

Water signs: Features and traits

Water signs are the most emotional, sensitive, and intuitive of the zodiac. Some experts even indicate that being born under any of the water signs is an advantage if you wish to practice divination successfully. These gifted individuals explore interpersonal relationships and can discover what your heart hides just by touching your hand.

How water signs understand emotions is very diverse. They prefer to go unnoticed, and although they don’t show it, they are feeling a thousand things per second. Their unexpected mood swings give them a reputation of mercurial moodiness, and they can surprise you with sudden attitude changes. Reliable? Only if you are a neurolinguistics programming expert, a psychologist, or a fortune-teller.

But make no mistake, they do know you. Their innate intuition acts as a sixth sense that protects them wherever they go.

Water Sign Keywords:

• Introversion

• Intuition

• Sensitivity

• Subtlety

• Empathy

• Indecision

• Vulnerability

• Changes

• Fragility

• Emotionality

• Intensity

• Volatile

• Idealism

Water signs and Love:

It is not easy to know if a person born under any of the water signs is in love with you. It’s a mystery! But a very fun one to investigate. Sensitive and emotional, they seek a deep emotional connection. Water signs are into passionate relationships; they are somewhat clingy and very romantic.

When they fall in love, they will seduce you with details, songs, and love poems. Allow them to bond with you, and little by little, they will let you into their world of imagination, magic, and deep emotions. Keep in mind that they expect to receive the same love in return, so keep the romance alive with a lot of tact and understanding. You will become their refuge.

The secret for winning the heart a person born under a water sign:

Give them time! Water signs are symbolically associated with animals that walk backward, flee at the slightest change of current, or pierce you with a deadly stinger when they feel threatened. Take it easy; the connection with water signs improves over time. Let them know you, open your heart, and express your feelings. You’ve never been as deeply in love as they will be with you.

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    I am a Cancer. You describe me exactly as I am.

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    On point. Pisces-Aquarius cusp.

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