Astrology Elements of the Hands in Palmistry

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In palmistry, hands can be classified into the same elements that the zodiac signs exhibit.  These elements are earth, fire, air, and water.  In addition to these four classical elements, there are two other important elements from traditional Chinese hand reading – wood and metal.  Even though there are six elemental hand types, many people do not fall into nearly anyone elemental category.  Some people can be a blend of two different elemental hand types.

When someone has a hand with two or more elements, there is a rule that will help eliminate the weaker element.  Wood conquers earth, earth conquers water, water conquers fire, fire conquers metal, and metal conquers wood. Following this rule, if a hand is a fire/water combination, we can say it is primarily a water hand since water conquers fire.  Another example would be a hand that falls into the categories of earth and water.  This hand would primarily be an earth type hand since earth conquers water.

The Astrology Element of Earth Hand

In classical Palmistry, the earth hand is equivalent to the “Practical hand.”  Earth hands are usually the easiest types of hands to recognize.  People with earth hands have very few lines on their palms, indicating their simplistic nature.  They usually have a square, fleshy palm, and short fingers.  If the fingers are rounded at the tips, it is said the person can be quite impatient. 

The Astrology Element of Fire Hand

People with fire hands are often intense, passionate, and impatient.  Their palm can even be hot to the touch.  These people love change and variety, and do not like routine work.  They love adventure, like fire element zodiac signs.  You can recognize a fire hand by short fingers and a long palm. The long palm indicates vast reserves of emotionally intense energy. 

The Astrology Element of Air Hand

An Air hand can be recognized by its square palm and long fingers.  Air hand people are usually quick, swift, and possess an agile mind.  Negatively, they can often deceive and manipulate others.  These individuals are highly motivated and many like working for themselves rather than others.  Similar to those with air element zodiac signs,  air hand people are very well multi-versed and multi-tasking.

The Astrology Element of Water Hand

A water hand can be recognized by a rectangular shaped palm that is soft and flexible.  The palm may also have many fine lines and long, smoothly tapered fingers.  Water hand people have been said to be emotionally volatile and emotional.  Water hand people can also tend to be moody and melancholy, similarly, to water element zodiac signs.  These individuals can also often look older than their age due to the myriad of tiny lines covering the surface of their hand.

The Wood Hand 

This type of hand is also known as the “Philosopher’s hand” in Western palmistry.  A wood hand can be distinguished by gnarled, knobby knuckles and thin fingers with fine lines.  Wood types are deep thinkers and have many conversations with themselves.  These individuals are almost always drawn to philosophical schools of thought.  They love conversation and intellectual discussion.

The Metal Hand

The Metal hand can be recognized as having a square palm, square fingertips, and square fingernails.  The metal hand can resemble the earth’s hand, but is a bit wirier, with a hard, angular surface.  Their palm can feel hard and rock solid.  Metal hand people have a very strong work ethic.  They are strong-willed and can be a bit stubborn.

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