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Ascendant and the 1st house

Looking at Bill Gates’s Natal Chart, firstly we can see his ascendant in Cancer shows he is receptive to the needs of others and has a natural desire to care for or protect others.  Family and domestic matters are important to him, along with this home and family. Negatively, at times, he may be susceptible to changeable moods, irritability and/or petulance.

With Uranus in his first house, the natal chart tells us Bill Gates is an original personality who has the ability to make an immediate impression upon others.  He is independent and delights in being different. He most likely needs a lot of change and variety to remain stimulated. Having Uranus in Leo makes Bill Gates enterprising and inclined to take risks without regard for the consequences at times.  His primary motivation is through focusing on this career and direction in life. Achieving results and gaining a measure of recognition in the world is important to him.

The following is the Sabian Symbol for Uranus in the 3rd degree of Leo in his Natal Chart tells us:

A famous actress stands in front of the mirror and puts up her hair for an upcoming performance.  She recites a few lines, and pleased with the result, smiles radiantly.

Confident projection of one’s personality (radiate an astral image that allows people to feel intimately connected to them, even at a distance); grooming one’s public image (vain); courting the public vs. withdrawing due to insecurity (sensitive to criticism -especially about their looks); popularity (combine sexual warmth with a girl or boy next door image); powerful emotional expressiveness; becoming a focus for group emotions, thereby helping others to connect with their own feelings (actors, singers); joking familiarity; getting people to laugh and let down their hair; telling it like it is; putting one’s finger on the key problem in a tangled situation (the barrette as a Chiron-like key); playing a supporting role vs. going for star status (feel unappreciated); attractive personalities.

Uranus Square the Sun in his natal chart makes Bill Gates an original personality who delights in being different and unique.  He is strong-willed and individualistic, willing to go to great lengths to achieve his personal objectives. This aspect makes him innovative and progressive, but also often disruptive and unpredictable.  With Uranus Trine Midheaven, Bill Gates has chosen a career that is innovative and unusual in some way. He is attracted to modern occupations involving the latest technological and scientific advancements.

The Second House

With his 2nd house cusp in Leo, Bill Gates is generous with his wealth and enjoys showering gifts and acts of philanthropy towards others.  He is motivated to be materially successful.

With his 2nd House Cusp ruler, the Sun in the 4th house, his income in life may be connected with family, home or land.  He may work from home. Property development or the building trade could produce additional wealth for him.  With Jupiter in Leo in his 2nd house, Bill Gates can acquire money and material wealth with determination and success.  Financial gain is likely, and he likes the thing that money can buy. He will accumulate many possessions.  This aspect could create a tendency toward greed and overindulgence.

Bill Gates has the capability to lead and inspire others with enthusiasm, we can see from Astrology.  He can also be prone to arrogance and extravagance. Larger than life, he can be a natural entertainer, with a sense for the theatrical.

With Jupiter Conjunct Pluto, Bill Gates has a strong desire to make his mark on the world and to accomplish things of significance.  He pursues his life goals with passion and intensity. This aspect indicates he will be known for his group or community organizing of others and taking charge of situations.  He can, however, be prone to letting his power go to his head, and this can turn people against him. This is especially true if they think they are being manipulated.

With Pluto in his second house, money and possessions are important to him.  He is strongly motivated to acquire things. Power struggles involving money and possessions are possible.  With Pluto in Leo, Bill Gates is part of a generation of leaders and achievers. He can be extreme and dictatorial when in a position of power.

The Fourth House

With his Sun in Scorpio, Bill Gates is magnetic and insightful.  He has great powers of perseverance and tenacity. He is steadfast in adversity and takes pride in coping with life’s challenges.  He can often have an all or nothing attitude and will give something his total attention when warranted. At times, he can be prone to bouts of extremism and obsession.

Saturn in Scorpio in his Natal Chart gives Gates a realistic outlook on life and he tends to undertake matters with serious intent.  He is ambitious, with a strong desire to succeed in life. Negatively, there can be the inclination of judging himself or others too harshly and an inclination to harbor resentments.

The 6th House

With his 6th house cusp in Sagittarius in his natal chart, Bill Gates has an optimistic and positive attitude towards his work.  He enjoys jobs that tackle life’s issues or make a difference, such as teaching, coaching, advising, consulting and so on.  He is attracted to work that has a high level of mobility and overseas travel.

Pallas in the 6th House

Bill Gates has the asteroid, Pallas in the 6th house in his natal chart.  He also has Pallas trine Pluto.  The software billionaire is a champion of forced eugenics policies for Africa and a major shareholder in GMO’s with the giant company Monsanto (

Pallas Sabian Symbol for the 28th degree of Sagittarius:

An angry mob pours over a stone bridge spanning the crocodile-infested moat of a castle.  Soon a huge crowbar is being applied to the portcullis.

Leading humanity in a vital new cultural direction against formidable opposition; grim determination to have one’s views prevail (unending struggle); scathing attacks on stifling traditions (barbarians at the gates guided by mass rage and other destructive passions); unflinching examination of monstrous political, social or moral problems; puncturing political and religious myths; exorcising cultural demons by bringing them to light in a palatable cultural form (art with a message); finding the weak point in an opponent’s defenses and applying collective pressure; the stonewalling of change by the ruling class, vs. the inevitable crumbling of traditions that have outlived their usefulness; showdowns; burning one’s bridges in a major confrontation.

The 10th House:

With the Moon Midheaven Conjunct, Bill Gates is socially aware.  He has the potential to become known for recognizing and caring for the needs of others.  He has the power to form supportive contacts in his vocation, especially with women. His professional life is susceptible to changeable circumstances.  He is likely to change direction and focus on jobs frequently. His mother can or could have had a strong influence on his direction in life.

With the Moon in the 10th house of his natal chart, Bill Gates seeks a measure of recognition in life and may be inclined to work with the public in some capacity.  He is professionally ambitious but restless. He is well suited to occupations that enable him to cater to the needs of society or women. The influence of the mother and the divine feminine is strong in his life and personal development.


Goldsmith’s Revised Sabian Symbols are from the publication

‘The Zodiac by Degrees’ – Second Edition

Author: Martin Goldsmith

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