Detailed Messages for All 12 ZODIAC Signs

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Hello everyone! This video features an astrological breakdown of the next 2 weeks, as well as brief but personalized messages for each zodiac sign (check sun, moon, rising, Venus & north node), and a pick a card reading detailing even more of what you may expect over the next couple weeks! 🍀 💚

⚠️I am NOT taking personal readings at this time so please do NOT get scammed by people in the comments posing as readers ⚠️

Disclaimer: This Content is for entertainment purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

I love you guys! Please stay healthy and safe 💛🙏
Intro: @0:00
Astrological forecast: @1:43
Pisces: @23:38
Aries: @27:09
Taurus: @29:12
Gemini: @31:21
Cancer: @34:21
Leo: @37:17
Virgo: @40:40
Libra: @43:46
Scorpio: @45:38
Sagittarius: @48:38
Capricorn: @50:54
Aquarius: @55:03
Meditation: 58:14
Pile 1: @1:00:37
Pile 2: @1:10:50
Pile 3: @1:26:03

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