DETAILED Predictions for The Next 2 WEEKS

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Hello everyone, Ive missed you all so much and pray you’ve had a beautiful week so far! Today’s video I’m breaking down the major new moon in Aries from this past weekend and how this will be manifesting it’s energy over the next 2 weeks. The first part of this video is the astrological forecast and the last half of the video is a pick a card reading so you know what to expect!

The pick a card is a general reading so it will NOT resonate with everyone. Take the messages that alone with your intuition and disregard everything else ☺️

I’m not taking personal readings. If anyone reaches out to you asking you for a reading, it is a SCAM 🚮🚫

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PATREON UPDATE :: More details about each Patreon Tier including prices and more is down below⤵️ Site will go live April 20 2021 🦋🌟

I love you all to the moon 🌙 and back! Stay safe & keep conquering your dreams 🍀✨

Intro: @0:00
Patreon Update: @1:11
Astrological Breakdown: @9:11
Work with Sun ☀️ @38:52
Meditation: 40:00
Pile 1: @41:56
Pile 2: @58:32
Pile 3: @1:18:34

Patreon information
If you are a healer, intuitive, or someone that’s drawn to the healing arts, occult & esoteric science, Get initiated into your own school of mystery, magic and knowledge! This Patreon site is not about being taught, rather than developing upon concepts and theories that resonate with you, the initiate. These courses are formulated as keys 🔐 to help unlock your own hidden or suppressed knowledge. There will be a total of 4 tiers to choose from:

Donation tier $1 – monthly subscription if you’re only interested in supporting me! This tier is for those of you that ask about donations and would like to support me as well as the channel. This is optional and no content is included in this tier.

Astrology tier: Learn to read your own chart and others! 2-4 episodes (approx. 60-120 minutes per episode) uploaded a month. High quality & extremely detailed episodes about every component of western astrology. This tier will cover information on neighboring constellations, astrological houses, aspects, planets, fixed stars, exoplanets, house degrees, live chart readings, in depth chart breakdowns & more astrology related topics.
– $6.95/month

Tarot tier: Develop a deeper meaning of each key (tarot card) as we investigate each card of the Major & Minor Arcana! 2-4 episodes (approx. 60-120 minute per episode) uploaded monthly. High quality and extremely detailed episodes to help you develop a personal connection to the Tarot. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner, learn the basic symbolism, archetypal qualities, numerological influences and hidden nuances of each arcana. We’ll be discussing decans, planetary rulers, and how to intuitively connect to the cards so you can perform readings for yourself, loved ones and even clients.
– $6.95/month

Deluxe tier: ALL ACCESS TIER | 5-8 videos a month. Includes both tarot & astrology tiers, plus access to the Patreon exclusive monthly pick a card reading (not available on any other tier or platform). Informative episodes diving into the research and studies of the Occult & esoteric science, natural magic and alchemy. Series of episodes focusing on ancient Kemet (Egypt) tradition, faith, and science. Includes guided meditations, sound baths for healing, and one on one access to me for help with astrology and/or tarot related topics.
– $11/month

Each episode contains at least 60+ minutes of information, deep diving into divinatory concepts, self healing practices, and how to navigate your own conscious journey!
Going live April 20 2021 – See you there!!

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