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Do you know the daily Moon phase and what it means?  The Moon travels very fast spending about 2-2 ½ days in each of the zodiac signs.  The Moon’s cycle takes 29 ½ days to go from full to dark. The Moon’s phases set the subtle emotional undertones of our lives.  Each phase of the Moon has different meanings, characteristics, and attributes; some of which overlap. Let’s look at each phase of the Moon and what they mean. This will help you to know the Moon phase today and every day!

1.       New Moon Phase- The New Moon phase is all about new beginnings, fresh starts, and new intentions.  It’s a great time for planning, gathering your ideas, manifestation and spell work. Key Words/Phrases: Clean slate, potential, dreams, new beginnings, a fresh start, renewal, wishes.

2.       Waxing Crescent Moon Phase-This moon phase is all about setting intentions.  It’s time to send your hopes and desires into the world. Key Words/Phrases: Courage, Moving Forwards, faith, new energy, declaration, new ideas, creativity, manifestation.

3.       First Quarter Moon Phase- The First Quarter Moon Phase is a time to take action. It sends us the message that if you face obstacles, do not give up.  It is a time to push forward ahead. Key Words/Phrases: Challenges, obstacles, confidence, commitment, strength, determination, will power, courage in adversity.

4.       Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase- This Moon phase is when momentum is building.  It tells you to observe and align your hopes with the future. Key Words/Phrases: Refinement, Modification, Honing, adjusting, patience, commitment, cultivation of ideas and plans. 

5.       Full Moon Phase- The Full Moon is when the Moon is at its peak energy.  The Full Moon is a time to release all that no longer serves you. It is also a time to harvest the intentions and wishes of past moons.  It is also a great time for spell work. Key Words/Phrases: Purging, Releasing, Letting go, forgiveness, renewal, results, gratitude, transformation.

6.       Waning Gibbous Moon Phase- During this Moon phase, you should look inwards, think about your goals and be grateful.  You should continue to release and let go of old habits, ideas and things that no longer serve your highest good. Keywords/Phrases: letting go, introspection, releasing, reflecting, abundance, nurturing.

7.       Last Quarter (or Third Quarter) Moon Phase- Continue to let go of the habits that bind you and do you harm during this moon phase.  Keywords/Phrases: Re-evaluate, balance, trust, release, letting go, forgiveness, transformation, grace.

8.       Waning Crescent Moon Phase- this Moon phase symbolizes a final release of old energy to prepare for the new moon blessings.  It is a time of rest, recuperation, reflecting and regrouping. It is also a time of surrender. Keywords/Key Phrases: Rest, reflection, regrouping, recuperation, surrender, allow, acceptance, being. Hopefully, this list will help you to become more familiar with the Moon phases and what they mean.   Next time you or someone asks, “What is the Moon phase today?”, you will have a much better understanding of how to answer.

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