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What is Fixed Stars Astrology?

Fixed stars Astrology focuses on those stars that remain stationary, or appear not to move, within the night sky.  Although these stars do not appear to move, they do move at a rate of less than one minute per year. These stars often make up patterns within various constellations.  Greek astronomer Ptolemy was among the first to study fixed stars. Fixed Stars Astrology focuses on the influence of these stars when they form certain aspects (usually conjunctions) with the planets.  Their influence is also studied when they are present within certain areas of the natal chart, such as within 1-2 degrees of the Ascendant, Sun, and Moon.  If a fixed star is located within 1-2 degrees of a natal planet, it will affect the characteristics of that planet. Studying the fixed stars within your Natal chart will add extra insight into your Astrology birth chart.

Notable Quotes about Fixed Stars Astrology

“Lift up your eyes on high and see who has created these stars, the one who leads forth their host by number, he calls them all by name; because of the greatness of his might and the strength of his power, not one of them is missing.” – Isaiah 40:26

“The strength and efficacy of the Fixed Stars is to be considered from their magnitude, their splendors, their natures of properties, their nearness to the ecliptic, their place in the world, their multitude, their first oriental appearance, the purity of their place, the similitude or agreement of the body or rays of a planet with them and their circle of position.” – the Seven Segments of Cardan (ed. William Lilly, 1675). 

“The significations of the stars are always varied, as they vary in their configurations and latitudes.”- Hermes Trismegistus

“The heaven is spherical in shape, and moves as a sphere; the earth too, is sensibly spherical in shape when taken as a whole; in position, it lies in the middle of the heavens very much like its center; in size and distance it has the ration of a point to the sphere of the fixed stars, and it has no motion from place to place.” – Claudius Ptolemy

An Introduction to Some Major Stars & Star Groups within Fixed Star Astrology

The 4 Persian Royal Fixed Stars- These stars have also been called the Archangel Stars in Fixed Stars Astrology.  These stars are; Alderbaran (9 degrees of Gemini); Regulas (29 degrees of Leo); Antares (9 degrees of Sagittarius); and Fomalhaut (3 degrees of Pisces).  Each of these stars exhibits a different kind of influence on the part of your natal chart in which it resides. Alberdaran is associated with bravery and honor. Regulas signifies prosperity and material gains.  Antares exhibits a brash and fiery disposition. Finally, Fomalhaut is closely related to the energies of Mercury, in that it exhibits lots of powerful mental energy. 

Caput Algol- This star is located at 26 degrees of Taurus.  This star often signifies extremism (usually in an unhealthy sense) within its area of correspondence.  For example, an aspect of Caput Algol to your Moon can signify extreme moodiness. Or, you could have Caput Algol conjunct your second house cusp, which could indicate an obsession with money.

The Pleiades Star Cluster- The Pleiades, also known as the seven sisters within Greek mythology, is positioned at 0 degrees Gemini.  Plotinus described the esoterism of the role of the Pleiades, when he said, “The Pleiades’ role, then, is to help seekers become consciously aware of Divine Knowledge and wisdom, which is why their etheric, astral and mental bodies must be purified before being able to integrate with that spiritual realm.  The Pleiades represent a spiritual “station” where the perfect model within seekers is energized and comes alive on earth.”

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