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What is Magical Talisman Astrology?

Magical Talisman Astrology is the art of harnessing the planetary energies within a piece of tangible material or object, such as a piece of jewelry, metal, stone or amulet. They can be decorated with gemstones, images, letters, sigils and even anointing oils.  The intention behind the talisman is what brings it to life. The talisman should be made up of the symbols or glyphs it intends to invoke. The talisman can be charged with the energy of the celestial body it intends to invoke. This means it could be charged with the energy of a planet, a fixed star, asteroid or house within the zodiac.   A talisman should also be made at certain times according to astrological transits in order to harness a certain planet’s energy. This follows fundamental teachings of electional astrology, another branch of astrology.

Important Books on Magical Talisman Astrology

Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy and the Picatrix contain ancient valuable content regarding the design of magical talisman.  The Picatrix contains helpful correspondence tables and images regarding planetary and angelic invocations for your talisman.  There are several modern translations available.

The Book of Talismans, Amulets and Zodiacal Gems, by William Thomas and Kate Pavitt, contains a wealth of information on the study of gemstones and how they are used in magical talisman.  It also discusses the symbolism of gemstones and the astrological connections of gems, sign by sign. The book also expands upon gems used across an array of cultures.

Symbolism within Magical Talisman Astrology

As stated above, the talisman can be made with symbols or glyphs. It can also be made with images.  The images used in a talisman object are reflections of the higher realms and cosmic heavens. Plato said, “time is the moving image of eternity” and the planets are the wheels of time, moving through the zodiacal signs. These zodiacal astrology signs can also be thought of as archetypes or images.  These archetypal images are transmitted into the physical plane by way of the talisman.

Types of Talisman in Magical Talisman Astrology

There can be astrology talismans made for love, protection, prosperity, good fortune, good health, wealth, and power. Talismans can also be made for knowledge and power.  They can be personalized according to your aspirations, goals, and intentions. Many times, the magical talisman is made according to a person’s natal birth chart, or prominent features within it.

Planetary Invocations & Corresponding Gemstones in Magical Talisman Astrology

Moon talisman- Invocations: pregnancy, fertility, emotional depth, vivid dreaming, psychic abilities.  Gemstones: Pearl, Moonstone.

Mercury talisman- Invocations: mental stimulation, knowledge, creative writing, business prosperity, wealth. Gemstones: Emerald, jade, peridot, green tourmaline.

Venus talisman- Invocations: beauty, love, artistic flair, fine foods, and tastes. Gemstones: Diamond, white sapphire, silver topaz, clear quartz, rose quartz, ruby.

Mars talisman- Invocations: bravery, boldness, resilience, courage. Gemstones: Red Coral, carnelian.

Jupiter talisman- Invocations: good fortune, expansion, ambition, travel, wealth.  Gemstones: Yellow Sapphire, yellow topaz, citrine.

Saturn talisman- Invocations: dedication, commitment, perseverance, boundary setting. Gemstones: Blue Sapphire, lapis lazuli, amethyst.

Sun talisman- Invocations: strong friendships, vitality, health, promotions, power.  Gemstones: Ruby, Garnet.

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