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What is Retrograde in Astrology?

Retrograde motion in Astrology is usually thought of as a planet moving in a backward motion. This, however, is an illusion.  All planets revolve around the Sun in the same direction.  The appearance of retrograde motion is actually due to the relative difference in speed. 

This occurs when planets are at their closest approach to earth that seemingly retrograde motion occurs.  Basically, it has been said that retrograde motion is an illusory side effect of planetary proximity.

Venus Retrograde in Astrology

Venus goes retrograde in 2020 from May 13th to June 25th.  This planet spends the least amount of time in retrograde.  Venus stations retrograde about every eighteen months. With Venus in retrograde, on a personal level, old lovers, relationships, and love affairs may come back into a person’s life.  The overall collective may face more challenges within relationships and also with money.

Mercury Retrograde in Astrology

Mercury will go retrograde three times in 2020 as follows:

·         February 17th– March 10th

·         June 18th– July 12th

·         October 14th– November 3rd.

In Astrology, Mercury goes retrograde three or four times a year. Of all the planet retrogrades, Mercury retrograde is usually the most well-known.  Mercury retrograde is infamous for communication problems and breakdowns experienced by the general collective.   Many communications and messages from the past also seemingly pop up during Mercury retrograde.

Mars Retrograde in Astrology

Mars goes retrograde from September 9th until November 12th of 2020.  Mars goes retrograde every twenty-six months, lasting between two to two and a half months each.  Mars in retrograde often exhibits unsettling energies. People usually feel frustrated by lack of forward movement and may feel turmoil in their day to day lives in some way.

Saturn Retrograde in Astrology

The planet Saturn goes retrograde from May 11th till September 29th in 2020.  Saturn goes retrograde once every year, with its retrograde usually lasting about four and a half months.  Saturn, known as the Lord of Karma, often balances out people’s karmic debts during its retrograde.   Saturn retrograde is not all challenging, as it can also bring rewards to those who have worked hard, remained dedicated, and patient.  

Jupiter Retrograde in Astrology

Jupiter goes retrograde from May 14th until September 12th this year.   Jupiter enters its retrograde phase about every nine months, for a period of about four months at a time.   During Jupiter retrograde, many will experience personal spiritual and philosophical growth. It also causes a rise in consciousness within the general population.

Pluto Retrograde in Astrology

Pluto goes retrograde from April 25th until October 4th of 2020.  Pluto stations retrograde once every year, with transits normally lasting about five to six months.  Pluto can have very transformative effects on the general collective. 

Often, Pluto retrograde breaks down old social patterns, structures, and societal norms, and replaces them with the new. Pluto retrograde can also bring subconscious material to the surface to be examined.

Neptune Retrograde in Astrology

The planet Neptune goes retrograde from June 22nd until November 28th of this year.   Neptune stations retrograde only once a year, spending nearly half of the year there.  Its retrograde cycle usually lasts between five to six months.

With Neptune in Retrograde, people can easily experience a disappearance of strong boundaries.  This can leave people open to delusion and deception.

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