Uranus/Pluto Cycle and the Gender Revolution – Part 2

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Michael O’Connor is a full-time Astrologer with 25-years of professional experience serving an international clientele. Also a certified Life Coach, Michael weaves the profound insights gleaned from Astrology and Numerology to support his clients with accurate, relevant, strategic and practical guidance. In this regard, Michael defines himself with this unique approach as a ‘Destiny Coach and Life Consultant’. Covering a broad range of questions and concerns including career, relationships, real estate, investments, timing, and psychological and spiritual interests…, Michael assists a diverse range of people from business executives and entrepreneurs to leaders and visionaries, artists and healers, families and students to single mothers, and more. A central theme of Michael’s work is to assist his clients to achieve both practical success in such a way as to also help them to realize greater self-awareness, confidence, self-esteem, inner peace, clarity of focus and authentic self-actualization.

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  1. DjKC

    Thank you for bringing the Pluto-Uranus generation(s) “saga” to light. Ive watched Part 1&2. I am especially interested in how the Virgo conjunction mid 1960’s relates to what is happening during the 2012-2016 squares. I am a child of the 60’s and have natal Pluto-Uranus-Mars conjunct in Virgo, opposing natal Chiron in Pisces. Ive noticed many of todays young You Tube astrologers either are ignorant or refuse to discuss the obvious correlation as to what is going on collectively, individually (Uranus) and structurally (Pluto). Civil rights-Laws, especially workplace, both mid 60’s (Virgo rules 6th house work) and today (Capricorn rules 10th house career) are obvious theme(s) within the aspects of Pluto-Uranus for several generations. Ive done my own “part” for workplace civil rights during the 2012-2016 squares, I think this is how I am supposed to heal (Chiron) in my natal chart. On top of civil rights, including 1965’s Selma marches, Voting Rights Act, the 2nd Obama term was met with huge resistance from the status quo and establishment (Saturn). But Pluto in Capricorn breaking them down allowed for ‘progress’, what was started in the 60’s, equality, has continued during 2012-present. We’ve seen the rise of the 60’s KKK and white nationalism that has been dormant since the 60’s. So far, you have explained what exactly is going on, in todays turbulent times, much like my parents must have felt during the same emotional upheaval 1960’s. Here is a tip, I looked into the future as to the next Pluto-Uranus aspect, 2048 they will oppose each other, exact 7 degrees, Uranus in Virgo (where it was 1965) and Pluto in Pisces (where Chiron was 1965). These two planets at this time are in negative aspects to the money houses, 2 & 8 Generation Z will be basically fighting over money and worth in the workplace since the previous generations were fighting over equality in the workplace. The biggest sign that our generation is finally making progress: Sexual workplace harassers Bill Oreilly and Roger Ailes of Fox News (def Capricorn) fired (Pluto). Years of stagnate workplace wages seem to be the obvious next, break down step in the Pluto-Uranus saga. We’ve already seen the beginnings of this in the $15 hour min wage and equal pay for women fight. So once our generation gets ‘full equality’, the next gen will fight wage growth versus corporate profits. This is how I see the ‘big picture’,  Equality seems to be the central theme of the Pluto-Uranus aspects, in the past, present and future. This is why I think the 2016 Pulse Nightclub Orlando shooting was backlash against equality progress, 2015 gay marriage. Thanks……

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