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Welcome to another segment of the Weekly Forecast!

On Monday, the Moon moves into calming, grounded Taurus, encouraging you to spend time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. That Taurus Moon is crossing over Uranus and opposing Saturn on Tuesday, which may bring tension and stress; don’t forget to breathe deeply during tense moments. On Wednesday, Venus is also moving into Taurus, increases sensuality and bringing positive energy to relationships and finances.

On Thursday, the Moon is moving into stimulating Gemini, encouraging mental stimulation and exciting conversations. Assertive Mars is in a favorable position to expansive Jupiter on Friday, bringing unexpected opportunities and experiences – keep your eyes and your heart open to them!

Communicative Mercury is in harmony with both Jupiter and Mars on Saturday, bringing an element of enhanced communication to these positive vibrations. On Sunday, the Moon is in Cancer, and Mercury is aligning with the Sun – Mercury and the Sun inspire creative new ideas and flashes of insight.

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