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Welcome to another segment of the Weekly Forecast!

On Monday, the Moon is in hardworking Virgo, while the Sun is in playful Sagittarius – try to find the balance between work and play today. That Virgo Moon will be in harmony with expansive Jupiter and responsible Saturn, sprinkling a bit of good fortune on your day and encouraging you to focus on hard work. The Sagittarius Sun is at a hard angle to Neptune today, which may create an overactive imagination; practice grounding work when possible.

On Thursday, Venus is in harmony with Pluto, encouraging you to deepen and strengthen the bonds within your relationships – try being vulnerable with your loved ones today. The Sagittarius Sun is in harmony with ambitious Mars on Friday, encouraging us to move our bodies and focus on physical exercise.

The Scorpio Moon is in harmony with pleasure-seeking Venus on Saturday, urging you to pamper yourself – take a nice, long bubble bath with a glass of wine! The Moon is in Sagittarius on Sunday, while Mercury is in conflict with Neptune, which can create confusion in communication; ask for clarification when needed!

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