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Welcome to another segment of the Weekly Forecast!

Communicative Mercury is moving into Pisces on Monday, sprinkling compassion and sensitivity to our conversations with others. On Tuesday, the Capricorn Moon is favorable with Venus and Neptune, bringing social, dreamy vibrations. This same Capricorn Moon is aligning with Pluto, the Sun, and Saturn on Wednesday, encouraging intense emotions and increased responsibility.

The Moon moves into Aquarius on Thursday, while the Sun is in harmony with Saturn, making this a great day to launch new projects or businesses. The Moon is void of course on Friday, making it a good day to continue on with your normal routine—new projects are not favored.

On Saturday, the sensitive, Pisces Moon is crossing over Mercury and Uranus, increasing effective communication and bringing fresh energy. Mercury is favorable with Uranus on Sunday, encouraging us to work with new technologies. 

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