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The Moon is in Leo on Monday, while the Taurus Sun connects to transformative Pluto, making it a great day for metaphysical activities like astrology and tarot readings. That Leo Moon is in conflict with Uranus and Saturn on Tuesday, bringing anxious energy and the potential for frustration – focus on the positive. The Moon moves into Virgo on Wednesday, in opposition to Jupiter, making it a great day for an outdoor adventure.

The Sun moves into Gemini on Thursday, marking the beginning of Gemini season, which brings increased mental clarity, sociability, and a desire for communication. The Gemini Sun is in a hard angle to Jupiter on Friday, bringing optimism and positive energy – just be sure to stay grounded and avoid living in your fantasies. The Moon is in balanced Libra, in harmony with Saturn, on Saturday, helping you feel more emotionally stable, secure, and appreciative. Saturn goes retrograde on Sunday, shining a spotlight on karmic issues and encouraging you to slow down a bit.

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