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On Monday, the Moon is in intense Scorpio, in opposition to Uranus, which may bring emotional surprises or upsets – meditation in the morning provides balance. That Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Neptune on Tuesday, increasing creativity and inspiring your imagination. There is a Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on Wednesday, bringing even more emotional energy than a typical Full Moon; make a list of everything you want to release today.

Venus is in tension with Neptune on Thursday, bringing confusion surrounding relationships – secrets may be revealed today. The Moon is in practical Capricorn on Friday, in harmony with innovative Uranus, making it a great day to switch things up and try something new regarding your career. Mercury is moving retrograde on Saturday, signaling a time of difficulty when communicating, sharing information, and working with technology. The Moon is in Aquarius on Sunday, in harmony with the Gemini Sun, bringing an energy of harmony and a desire for mental stimulation.

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